Adorable Rocking Twins Should Start Their Own Dance Act (VIDEO)

Twin babies never cease to amaze me, as they seem to have their own secret way of communicating with each other. It's almost like they understand each other perfectly -- even though they may not be able to speak yet. The bond between twins is definitely undeniable, as the two little ones in this adorable video prove!

Watch the clip below of these two babies rocking back and forth to the tune of "It's a Small World," and pay special attention to how they seem to synch up their "dance" moves.

How ridiculously adorable are these two? You can't help but smile after seeing how much they are enjoying the music, and each other.


Equally as cute was how they immediately stopped rocking as soon as the music was over, and then worked together as a team to try to turn it back on. They also seemed quite pleased with themselves when one of their parents finally stepped in and got the tunes rolling again.

I've always said that I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to raise two babies at one time. I guess I've always thought it would be pretty challenging to have two infants with exactly the same needs. But these adorable little guys really make having twins look like a lot of fun. They do seem like the best of pals!

Do you have twins -- and if so, do they have their own special way of communicating?


Image via barakda123/YouTube

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