Puppy Chews Off Baby's Finger & His Mom Is to Blame (VIDEO)

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A poor little 6-week-old baby just had the unthinkable happen to him after his family's new puppy bit off his pinkie finger while he was asleep. The incident is nothing short of horrific and sad, especially because doctors were unable to attach the finger, so he will be forced to grow up without it.

I'm sure you're asking the same questions that I was when I heard this story -- how did something like this happen, and where was the baby's mother when the puppy was treating his tiny hand like a chew toy?

Well, it turns out she was taking a nap -- probably in an effort to follow the age-old advice of "sleep when the baby sleeps." And now she's being investigated for child neglect -- and she should be. Someone has to be held accountable for this incident, because something like this never should have happened to a sweet, innocent baby.

While it is highly doubtful that this woman intentionally placed her baby in a situation where he could be harmed, common sense should have told her not to put him to sleep in a place where the puppy could get to him. She didn't specify where she had laid him down, but it had to be somewhere that was low to the ground in order for the puppy to be able to reach him. Small dogs generally can't jump up into a crib or anything like that.

It's also important to note that the puppy belonged to her 3-year-old son, and they'd only had the animal for a week when he bit off the baby's finger. Don't you think it would've been smart for this woman to crate the dog before she went to sleep to make sure that it didn't get into any sort of mischief? Because puppies tend to do that.

While being interviewed by the local news about the incident with her baby boy, she really didn't seem as mortified or shaken as you would expect a parent in that situation to be. She made sure to note that her baby will still be able to do all of the same things her 3-year-old does as he grows up, and she also pointed out that the baby did not cry when the puppy went after him. To me, something about her reaction seems a little bit too calm and collected, leading me to believe there's a reason that investigators are digging deeper into the situation.

Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about what happened from the baby's mother.



Do you think the mother is to blame for her baby's finger being chewed off?


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Skyhook Skyhook

What the hell? Now that the puppy has tasted human blood, he's going to grow up and be Kujo.

omgitsjo omgitsjo

Who gets a 3 year old a dog? I mean, it's cool if you decide to get a family dog but to say it belongs to the 3 year old seems odd to me. And that dog should have definitely been crated to keep it out of trouble.

MomLi... MomLily67

How sad. Mom should have made absolutely sure baby was out of the puppy's reach, also, I agree with sleepimg when baby sleeps, but who was watching the other child? Hope he was in daycare, or she'll end up  facing neglect charges.

Best wishes for the little one.

Melis... Melissa042807

Well she definitely bears some significant responsibility! How the heck did the puppy have that kind of access to the baby to be able to chew off a finger??? It's common knowledge that you shouldn't leave a baby and a pet unsupervised. Well, at least I thought it was common...

Littl... LittleManMama

I guess I would have expected the baby to cry. It's crazy, rare stories like these--and the judgement associated with the article-- that fed my anxiety and kept me sleeping while my baby slept.

nonmember avatar Megan

Maybe the mom is on antidepressants and is feeling pretty positive about things. Or maybe she is actually suffering from depression, and is tired, detached from reality and overwhelmed with a new baby, new puppy, a three year old, and just being mom.
I don't think she should be investigated for neglect, although she definitely is to blame. Parents aren't even allowed to have accidents anymore without law getting involved in every aspect of their life and that's not right. There are countless stories of CPS over reaching and tearing families apart when it was not needed. However her reaction shows signs of something going on emotionally, hope she gets checked out!

Lesli... Leslie_ABS

It is kind of crazy, she may need help, but she may not need her kids taken away. To not have a baby cry is nuts, while that is happening, but possibly possible. And it is stupid to get a new puppy when expecting a new baby, but people don't always think things through. She should definitely take a parenting class and have some supervision. And it's also possible that this was her 12th interview about this and she is still an exhausted new mom who now let her kids finger get bitten off. Not everyone is tears and mea culpa in the same sense.

Flori... Floridamom96

Seriously? That's your standard? A bad thing happens to a baby and his mother must be investigated, because the government is soooo much better at raising children than the baby's parents. 

Littl... LittleManMama

It's easier said than done though. My dogs are often unsupervised with my son for minutes at a time--if he is playing in the living room and I am making dinner, paying the bills or switching the laundry. Could something happen? I suppose anything is possible but my dogs have never been aggressive. You can't live your life trying to prevent every crazy scenario.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

A dog is an animal...why do people have such a problem realizing this??? They have animal tendencies...and a puppy really doesn't know right from wrong...so to leave a newborn child around an animal is ridiculous in my opinion...and of the mother is depressed and or on meds then she should be looked at more carefully...because to have little to no reaction to the fact of your newborns finger being bit off is a little jarring to me. What is worse happened??? Being depressed o think is no excuse.

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