20 Moms Reveal the Weirdest Things in Their Purses (PHOTOS)

5S's bag

What's in it: A marker, children's toothpaste, scissors, a CD -- Columbus Police and Fire Pipes and Drums, a medicine dropper, and a WWE wrestling belt.

Our take:

Wrestlers can't beat moms

We brush teeth, give medicine

Cut, paste, draw, repeat

6SW's bag

What's in it: Cheap baby wipes, a princess notebook, an umbrella, a toy hammer, a sunglasses case, and a clown nose.

Our take:

Only clowns like hammers

That are made of black plastic

Still, nice to have tools.

7K's bag

What's in it: 3D glasses wrapper from The Lorax, a frog pen, a handmade felt poppy barrette, Pokemon, assorted hello kitty barrettes, a doll shoe, an owl mirror, a handmade coffee cozy, and bookmarks to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Our take:

Glasses make for fun

With owls, hearts, felt, and barrettes

Seuss would be quite proud.

8SS's bag

What's in it: Robot glove, helicopter, bottle of stool softener, container of bubbles, pirate, and three carabiners.

Our take:

Moms can climb mountains

With constipated robots

But bubbles come first.

9M's bag

What's in it: An angry bird, Legal Seafood crayons, an Angry Birds watch, SpiderMan, fun-sized M&Ms, and a K-cup (coffee).

Our take:

Angry birds fill time

Legal Seafoods fills bellies

But caffeine fills mom.

10L's bag

What's in it: Lipstick, head band, snack pack of nuts, passport application, red paper bow tie from Cat In the Hat day, desk reference DSM IV.

Our take:

Friend acting crazy?
Diagnose her with this book
Then they'll hate you.


11SM's bag

What's in it: Medela pumping bottles, a teether, lipgloss, stain remover, oil absorbing sheets, and a stack of research articles.

Our take: 

No one works faster

Working moms multitask well

Pump, read, apply gloss.

12JS's bag

What's in it: Manhattan subway map, IKEA pencil, little girl's nail polish (Piggy Paint), Littlest Pet Shop surfboard, Colgate Wisps toothbrush.

Our take:

Mom thinks surfboard's weird

But daughter says it matters

Carry all for love.

13B's bag

What's in it: A sheriff's badge, a frog on a rock, dice, a Spongebob ring, my Leather-man, and a weird puppy cheerleader figure.

Our take:

I shot the sherriff

With a puppy cheerleader

My one accomplice.

14AA's bag

What's in it: Gorilla Glue, detached Dora arm, syringe, plastic eggplant, Christmas bulb, and butterfly hair accessory.

Our take:

Poor Dora met fate

Even glue could not amend

The bulb will be worse.

15KG's bag

What's in it: a CD, a book, a color palette for clothing, a vegan bar, lollipops that the kids took from the bank but never ate, and some red Mac polish.

Our take:

Health food and books

Help to balance our mom guilt

But candy helps more.

16JT's purse

What's in it: A headlamp, stethescope, travel size shampoo and soap, $100, alcohol swabs, passport.

Our take:

Headlamps must light things

The stethoscope amps up sound

Motherhood dulls sense.

17HA's bag

What's in it: A contact case, some cash, wallet, jewelry, blush, and lip gloss.

Our take:

Applying makeup

In our home bathroom is gone

Moms learn to make do.

18PP's bag

What's in it: Body spray, Sexy little things noir lotion, cookie coin purse, ninja turtle hair clip, powder, condoms, monkey, tooth on a stick.

Our take:

Between the tooth stick

and the monkey in my purse

Two kids are plenty.


19LZ's bag

What's in it: Bubbles, fever patch, eye drops, USB drive, bow, iPod.

Our take:

Fever Patch helps to
Make sick kids better or just
Bust out the bubbles.

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