20 Moms Reveal the Weirdest Things in Their Purses (PHOTOS)

One of the weirdest things about becoming a mom is no longer being in control of the contents of your handbag. Gone are the days of cute little clutches holding only breath mints, a credit card, and some lipstick.

We are moms now. Now, most days we are lugging 10 pounds of diapers, wipes, toys, and God knows what else.

We asked 20 moms to open their purses and pull out the six weirdest items found within and the results are nothing short of hilarious. In honor of these moms, I also took it upon myself to write a haiku for each mom. Because nothing says poetry like finding a headlamp, stethoscope, and toy hammer you didn't even know you owned. Enjoy the slideshow below:

What crazy things have you found in your purse?

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Madel... Madelaine

I have a lot of my sons matchbox cars in mine...

nonmember avatar Bunna

There all funny, love the haikus. I have in my LV bag: 2 diapers, 4 pairs of clothing top and bottoms, Huggies portable diaper wipes box, my make up bag, Gerbers snacks, and my wallet and more! Life of a mom of 2 boys under the ages of 2

starl... starlight1968

well lol since I change mine (purse) seasonally I clean it out...or waiting for dd to get out of school I clean it out lol... I don't have anything out of the ordinary in mine for very long/if at all.

nonmember avatar Amanda v

I still have a sock in my purse that was previously stuck to the outside of it during a shopping trip. I should probably give it back to my kid.

nonmember avatar Scarlett

Please don't tell me the Stir is going to start using sideshows for everything. The main reason I come here every day is the lack of sideshows. They take forever and a day to get through on my iPhone. So inconvenient!

nonmember avatar Sherida Elasces

I found a hard, very old chicken mcnugget & my daughters tooth in a baggie! = Sherida, Woodland Ca

PonyC... PonyChaser

The two "weirdest" things in my purse right now are a bic lighter (I have never smoked a day in my life) and a mini-leatherman tool. And you have no idea how thankful that they're in there, when people are looking around going, "I need a screwdriver!" I've gotten a rep as MacGyver Mom

PonyC... PonyChaser

PS, I agree with Scarlett on the slideshows. Dump them - they take a long time to load out here in the country where we don't have super-duper-high-speed

nonmember avatar sherry sandoval

i have found half bitten cookies and toy buses in my purse. :)

Chari... Charizma77

I found a folded up small paper plate I there. One of the kids handed to me at church and there wasn't a trash can handy...I have done that with used napkins too

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