Beyonce Breastfeeds Where We Can All See: What's Next, Scantily Clad Music Videos?

beyonce breastfeedingBeyonce is breastfeeding Blue Ivy, everyone. And I'm sure she's completely stoked that complete strangers around New York City are spotting her nursing and calling up US Weekly immediately with the news. Heck, I would be. I mean, who doesn't want people sneaking a peek at your swollen breasts and calling the news media? GAH.

Can we just let Beyonce do her baby thing in peace? Especially if it involves nudity? Also, how much stake are we going to put into "observers" since these same people swore up and down Jay-Z and Beyonce shut down the NICU and refused to let parents see their newborns who were hanging onto life, just a few weeks ago. Yeah, that totally wasn't true.

Let Beyonce rock her boobs without us pointing and staring, okay? 


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We've all seen a heck of a lot of Beyonce throughout her illustrious career, and every inch has been glorious. I know I will be stunned, along with the rest of America, with her beautiful body as soon as she loses that baby weight and we all can all gawk at her "post-baby bod." I'm sure Sasha Fierce, like the rest of us, did not foresee the day when her amazing breasts would suddenly become utilitarian, and at that moment -- even MORE people would be interested in what the girls were doing in their spare time.

So great, Beyonce is breastfeeding. She's clearly not modest, and completely comfortable with every part of her body. Blue Ivy is growing up bonded to her mama, and most likely will be smarter, more beautiful, and off-the-charts in relaxin' and rhyming than her nursery school peers.

Bravo, Beyonce. Bravo.

Do you care that Beyonce is breastfeeding?


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