6 of the Most Hilarious Delivery Stories You'll Ever Hear

Having a baby is one of the most intense experiences imaginable. It can be difficult, emotional, painful, and full of immense joy. But we don't normally think of labor and delivery as laugh-out-loud funny.

These six women's tales put a whole new spin on childbirth, one that highlights the comedy in it all. Expectant moms will find themselves hoping for their own delivery bloopers when the time comes. Who wouldn't want to erupt in giggles during such high drama to break the tension? Why should giving birth be so serious? Why can't we just have a little fun with it?

It's true what they say, you know: Laughter really is the best medicine. So click through the slideshow below and be prepared to be majorly amused.

Do you have any funny labor and delivery stories to share?

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Destiny Hall Lewis

*giggle* LOVE birth stories! and I have a few. My first of 3 daughter decided to make her debut at 30 weeks, and complicate it with preeclampsia. I had this "birth plan" all set out for a natural birth that was shot to hell when my Dr. informed me my heart couldn't handle the rising blood pressure and he was sending in the epidural. NOT WHAT I WANTED! Soooo. 30 min later this Nurse Anesthetist arrives, walks in the doorway and says to me, my mom (ULTRA CONSERVATIVE) my husband and stepdad, "I hear you have COOCHIE PAIN". WTF? She's lucky I couldn't move, and that my mom has SUPER strength when it comes to hurting people because she wanted to SCRATCH the dumb womans eyes out. TRUST me, it was NOT funny at all at the time. I told her she must be in the wrong room and she was looking for the 15 year old ghetto princess down the hall, Please get the HELL out of my room!". She was then a SUPER~ASS and told me to suffer. Obviously we called on others and my Dr made SURE she didn't come back. It's funny now, but SO was not funny during my first birth that was terrifying and horrific to begin with.

nonmember avatar LIzzie's_Mom

I went into labor in the afternoon on 7/6/07. Needless to say, the hospital was hopping with moms hoping to have a 7.7.7 baby. I labored all night and by the next morning I was ready to push. I had pushed for 30 minutes when the attending (my doctor had apparently decided to take a long weekend) told me to stop pushing -- he had to deliver a c-section for a live segment on Good Morning America. Honest to goodness. He came back about 45 minutes later and said I could start again (?!?). Interesting to say the least...

glam.... glam.fairy

My favorite was the one about the needle. It reminded me that during my labor my mom had to be in the room with me during the epidural because hubby was so afraid that he would see the needle and pass out.

jessi... jessicasmom1

When I had DD via emergency C -Section  after delivery I was watching tv and heard about the Dr. whom inscribed his initials into a women's stomach  during c-section , and she sued the Dr. so jokingly asked my Gyno.. hey did you happen to inscribe your initials on me?

Anita Heavener

While in HARD labor with my 4th child, I had so much pressure I begged the nurse to break my water to relive some of the pressure. I knew I was going to deliver soon,but she refused. Everytime she came in to check me, I would beg her to break my water,but no she would not and she was getting a little hateful with me. The last time she came in, I was having a really hard labor pain and when she bent down to check me, my water broke and it broke with so much force it got her in the face...LOL...REVENGE is sweet...LOL

Laken Jarrell

I remember when I was pushing and pushing and when I stopped and started to push again the TV in the room turned on and of course cartoons came on and all of us was like did you turn the TV on and I guess my lil man wanted to watch cartoons when he came out.

Teri Emery Webb

Lmao!! That was priceless!!! I LOVE stories like that. They take all the "gruesome" out of it. 

nonmember avatar Tammy

I remember when I had my second daughter. The nurse checked me and said I was at 5cm. My sister walked down the hall, told my mom who was in the waiting room, then came back. This took my sister 3 minutes at most. When she got back the nurse told her I was at 9cm! She once again walked down the hall to tell my mom. This time they both come back. Only by the time they got to my door the baby was out screaming and looking around! That was the easiest delivery ever! My mom took one look and said, "wow she came out real quick!"

Rumsita Rumsita

Cute!  Though if my husband had said anything about the size of a needle like in #4, I would have completely freaked out.

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