6 of the Most Hilarious Delivery Stories You'll Ever Hear

Having a baby is one of the most intense experiences imaginable. It can be difficult, emotional, painful, and full of immense joy. But we don't normally think of labor and delivery as laugh-out-loud funny.

These six women's tales put a whole new spin on childbirth, one that highlights the comedy in it all. Expectant moms will find themselves hoping for their own delivery bloopers when the time comes. Who wouldn't want to erupt in giggles during such high drama to break the tension? Why should giving birth be so serious? Why can't we just have a little fun with it?

It's true what they say, you know: Laughter really is the best medicine. So click through the slideshow below and be prepared to be majorly amused.


Do you have any funny labor and delivery stories to share?

Image via MammaLoves/Flickr

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