'Baby Swinging' Yoga Looks a Lot Like Child Endangerment (VIDEO)

Oh. My. God. Apparently I've been asleep for the past year, because a little over twelve months ago, a crazy video went viral on YouTube of a Russian woman named Lena Fokina who insisted that swinging a baby around like a rag doll somehow qualifies as a form of baby yoga. For real?! Just how nuts is this chick?

And can someone please tell me how in the hell I missed all of the hoopla over something this insane? Of course, after viewing the video, I almost wish I hadn't ever come across it at all. It's pretty disturbing, and it definitely made me want to hit Miss Lena over the head with a frying pan. At least that would make her just as dizzy as the poor babies that she throws around. It couldn't hurt to give her a taste of her own medicine, right?


Even though I missed the initial outrage over the video, the reason I happened to stumble across it today is because Lena is trying to expand her "baby yoga" practices and bring them to unsuspecting infants living in the U.K.  She is supposedly under the impression that there are quite a few "open-minded parents" living in England who might not be turned off by her controversial baby exercises.

Open-minded? Um, hello? It's common knowledge that babies who are shaken are at risk for brain damage, and possibly even death -- so how can she even suggest that parents who won't subject their infants to something this drastic and crazy are simply not being open-minded enough? And is there seriously any ounce of room for open-mindedness when it comes to your child's well-being and safety? I don't think so.

If you think I'm getting all fired up over nothing, then makes sure to watch the video clip below to see for yourself just how dangerous Fokina's "baby yoga" sessions are.

I'm all for a little mommy-and-me time on the yoga mat. But this just goes way beyond anything that is supposed to bond a mother and child, or be calming and serene in any way. One thing's for sure -- Lena Fokina had better be ready for a complete and total outrage if she ever tries to introduce her baby swinging services in the U.S.

Would you ever try something this extreme with your baby?


Image via ABCActionNews/YouTube

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