New Commercial Dares to Feature Mom Breastfeeding -- Finally! (VIDEO)

breastfeeding commercialWith the majority of the general public thinking breastfeeding should only be done in a dark cave where no one can see and Facebook worried that a baby nursing is more risque than a teenager in a string bikini, a new Johnson & Johnson commercial came forward with the truth. It aired during the Oscars -- it wasn't even on cable! -- and shows a baby eating in the most perfect light.

This, my friends, is what it looks like when a mother breastfeeds her baby. There is no nipple exposure, a mother's shirt isn't lifted over her head so she looks all revealing and naked, and there isn't a big scene or a billboard that appears saying LOOK AT ME. In fact, it's something barely even noticeable. See for yourself.


The commercial melts my heart and not just because they show breastfeeding. It captures all those little moments during new parenthood and I'll admit that it makes my uterus ache for another wee one. And the narration -- sigh -- it's what many infants would be telling their moms if they could speak. You're doing okay, mom. You seem like a real keeper. I want you to know how much I appreciate you ... how much I love you. Pass me my kid's baby book -- I need to re-live it all!

It's a genius move by Johnson & Johnson after the great 'toxins in their shampoo' battle took place (they have since removed the formaldehyde). And I think it's about time. This type of "exposure" is exactly what the cause of the acceptance of women breastfeeding needs. The commercial brings the image right into the viewer's living room, essentially making the 'private moment' of the mom nursing her child public. I bet out of the thousands -- millions -- of people who see the commercial when it airs, many don't even notice. And that's exactly what it should be like if a woman is nursing her child either in public or at someone's home.

It's silly really that some get all up in arms over a mom nursing her child. If only people would concern themselves about something worth worrying about. There are kids being killed in schools -- the most recent one had the shooter publicly saying some very worrisome things on Twitter. Shouldn't these type of incidents be noticed and reported and something attempted to be done about it to save lives instead of people getting all in a frenzy over something that is good for babies like breastfeeding?

This world scares me sometimes.

I'm hoping more advertisers give breastfeeding some mainstream backing like J&J did. I'm hoping it furthers the cause of the acceptance and support of breastfeeding wherever necessary.

What do you think of this commercial?

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