Crazy Cute Baby Freaks Himself Out With His Wild Dance Moves (VIDEO)

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baby dancingDo you ever dance so good and so hard that you freak yourself out? Oh, come on, we all do on occasion. It's cool. You can admit it. Hey, just this morning I did to Whitney Houston's "So Emotional." Things got wild. Now you go. I won't tell anyone. Seriously. Double pinkie swear.

Fine. If you're not comfortable enough to come forward with such a confession, this brave baby will. Sort of. See, his mom caught him dancing to Will Smith's anthem of 2006, "Gettin' Jiggy With It," and, obvs, she videotaped the whole thing.

Yes, the song is just as heinous as you remember it to be, but this incredibly adorable dancing baby will give you a new association with it. Thank God.

So, will you at least admit that this video is amazing? And that, most likely, it has the ability to cure things like broken hearts, migraines, and insomnia? You will? Okay, good. At least I know we're on the same page about something. Sheesh. I was starting to get worried we were growing apart. And I really don't want that.

Happy weekend, friends. Love you.

Do you have any adorable videos of your baby dancing?


Image via chongasaur/YouTube


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nonmember avatar Madame Garlic

Thank you for posting this, and thank you to the parents for posting this. There is nothing like the gleefulness of a baby. Great little dancer and all around sweet baby!

Susie19 Susie19

Such a Cutie! :)

LilMa... LilMama8808

That baby sounded mad!! WtHeck?? Hahaha poor thing stepped in a dirty diaper in the middle of the floor and they cut it off! Yuck!

Jenniy Jenniy

Sooooooo cute!!

Tabby329 Tabby329

that is tooo cute lol


Bodda... Boddah266

Yeah that kid is adorable but where can I get a gate like that? stick out tongue mini

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