Why Are You Posting Breastfeeding Photos on Facebook, Anyway?

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breastfeeding on facebookIf you're a breastfeeding mama, you rock. It's not (always) easy; it takes dedication, stamina, and you take a lot of heat (sometimes). As someone who worked that pump to death in hopes of making breastfeeding magical when I was at my wits' end, I salute you. Breastfeeding can be profound and an amazing moment between you and your child. In fact, breastfeeding is ALL about the child. Nourishing him, making him feel safe, happy, and loved. It's a beautiful time in your life and your baby's life. But let's face it, it's not necessarily beautiful for anyone else, especially not your college boyfriend.

Of course, breastfeeding shouldn't be offensive for anyone else either. And you should have the right to feed your baby at your mother-in-law's house, at the beach, and even at Target. This is all a given. And while I don't see anything sexual about posting photos of yourself breastfeeding on your favorite social networking site, I also have no idea why you would actually do it.

Breastfeeding is an intimate act, so why are you sharing it online? I get it if you're a website dedicated to showing women the positive aspects of breastfeeding, and promoting the normalcy so we can all get over our hang-ups. But as an everyday mom just trying to feed your baby, why would you want to take your picture and post it? Breastfeeding is very personal, between you and your baby. Not you and your 3,000 Facebook friends. You don't post pictures of you and your partner in an intimate embrace, do you? And if you do, why in the world would you do that?

That's called over-sharing, people, and it's no wonder your friends get annoyed. Just like you don't want to see a picture of your FB friend in her bikini, maybe she feels weird about seeing your naked breast. (Note, if either of these scenarios is popping up because you're somewhere in public and a group photo is being taken -- all bets are off. I'm talking about posed, on purpose, intimate photos. There's a huge difference.)

There are beautiful photos of moms and nursing babies out there. You should take those, and frame them, and keep them in your home. Or in a photo album to treasure. But if you're sharing them with thousands of people, I have to wonder if your sense of boundaries aren't off just a bit. While Facebook may be a bit screwed on their methods of censoring photos, perhaps everyone -- breastfeeders and hot pant wearers, alike -- should check their own inner censor before sharing every beautiful moment with the world. I don't mind seeing breastfeeding photos, and I love seeing pictures of my friends and their newborn babies. LOVE. But I'm a mom who writes about parenting. I'm not your average Facebook friend.

But I still wouldn't post a photo of myself breastfeeding on Facebook, Twitter, and especially not Pinterest. Some things are more meaningful when you focus on those that are directly involved instead of those who are simply scanning their news feeds for the latest YouTube sensation.

Why do you post photos of yourself breastfeeding?


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amand... amanda_mom89

I'm really tired of all the articles about what we shouldn't post on facebook. Seriously, it's getting old.

Kritika Kritika

Because they like the attention and gives mothers with no other purpose in life meaning.

nonmember avatar Mrs. Mani

My thing is- you didn't ask your kid if he or she is fine with you posting pics of him or her bf'ing. Imagine 10 or 15 years from now your son/daughter (or one of their friends) finding pics online of him/her at your breast! I would be mortified!!

nonmember avatar Heather

Why are you bothered by it if it's okay to do in public? Stop contradicting yourself. And why would a picture of a couple embracing make anyone uncomfortable? If it isn't sexual you are creepy to be bothered by it. Who made you the Facebook police? Stop cyberstalking people whose pics you don't like. De-friend them if it's that serious. If you go through FB pics to criticise them then you need to get a life.

nonmember avatar Theresa

Facebook in voluntary. You're not forced to look at other people's pics. Try stepping away from your computer for a second and think about how dumb this article is. You don't have to approve of other people's FB pics. Just don't look.

memek... memekisses

I love pictures of women breast feeding on Facebook. It makes me realize that life is wonderful and brings tears to my....wait, No this doesn't happen. Ever. Get them titties outta my face! Baby attached or not!

Kristen Marhoefer

I have 45 very very close friends that I know in real life on Facebook. My privacy settings are so that only they can see my pictures. I have had these friends for years and years, and some of them can't travel to see me. Should I ever have a baby, a tasteful breastfeeding picture will be posted. My best friend 3000 miles away will appreciate being part of my life.

bluec... bluecowgirl

funny. I agree with you. I actually do have  many photos (taken by others in a group setting) of me BFing on FB but you couldn't tell by just glancing at the photos or even really looking- usually just some shot someone took with o yea that's me in the background with a boppy on my lap and a baby on the boppy and o what do you know? nothing exposed. I find it wildly amusing when people do those poster things where there is a bunch of scantily clad women on one side and on the other side a bunch of nursing moms, also with a bit o' boob exposed comparing the two and crying shame on FB and I always want to scream GUESS WHAT I DON"T WANT TO SEE EITHER ONE! cool you BF, I did too, you BF in public, cool me too. But why do you want to take photo's, mostly of your boob with your baby on it and post them all over FB? I just don't get it. And yea the BFing photo's where nothings exposed on FB cool whatever, but (and I've seen it A LOT) of lots of exposure with just a little baby, I really think it must be a cry for attention. Same as my hot young single friend who, even more annoyingly, constantly posts photo's of herself in a bikini, I personally don't see a difference and don't like seeing either.

femal... femaleMIKE

In my opinion, I think April is trying to beat Michelle Zipps comment record with this article about reasons to not post bf pictures.

Kritika Kritika

^ lol

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