Smoking Around Your Baby Is Not Cool, Even on the Jersey Shore

smoking with babyWe've discussed this before: Smoking and babies don't mix. Although I'm not sure why it's an actual discussion rather than a declaration. But I'm sure some of you will fill me in with your comments. But even if you are totally clear that smoking in your baby's face is wrong, would you be so bold to tell another mom and dad that same thing?

What if you saw a mom strolling down the street puffing away with her baby strapped onto her chest via Baby Bjorn?


ABC's What Would You Do? is back and asking the question of random people who see this young couple on the Jersey Shore. Not the television show Jersey Shore, but the actual one. Where people actually behave in a civilized manner at times. While we can only see a clip of the show here, it is heartening to see a man (who is also a dad pushing a stroller) confront the mom who is smoking with a baby right below her cancer stick hole. He also seems to do it in a non-threatening way, which would surely be more effective than freaking out on these actors who are pretending to have a real baby. (Note -- the cigarettes are not real, and neither is the baby.)

Even though we all know that secondhand smoke can make people very sick, even to the point of death, I wonder if I could do the same thing. I absolutely believe blowing smoke into your newborn's face is going to hurt that baby, as modern medicine has shown again and again. Yet, confronting another mom about her behavior might be a little bit too much for me.

Although I'm inspired by the man in this clip. Offering a solution rather than only condemning is a great move. I could easily offer to hold the baby while she stepped away for a smoke. And now that I've seen the show, I know I could do that. 

I have confronted a stranger who was being abusive to a little girl in the past, and it did not go well. Which makes me more reluctant to step in, even if a child is being harmed. But if not me, who? If not you, who will let a parent know that his or her behavior is harmful and not acceptable?

Would you confront a smoker with a baby? 


Image via Hyrk/Flickr

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