Baby's First Word Will Put Your Kid's Vocabulary to Shame (VIDEO)

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baby's first wordPerhaps we put too much pressure on our babies when it comes to what their first word will be. Moms want it to be "mama" and dads get all smug when it's "dada" and as a mom I go by that standard response that "dada is just easier to say." This is all in an effort to not let dada think he's the favorite, you see. Of course, we're both secretly disappointed if the other parent is muttered first. But sometimes some kids blow the first word "competition" out of the water with a really good word. Don't lie ... if your child mumbled some 10-dollar word like "halcyon," you'd be broadcasting it all over the universe. I surely would. This kid in the video below, however, may have the very best first word ever said. There's nothing pretentious about it either. It's just a word that brings joy to all.

Unless you are vegan. In which case you may shudder in horror.

BACON!!! It's the one thing that has made many vegetarians I know go back to eating meat. The smell! The crispiness! The totally un-replicable taste that makes your mouth sing! This kid knows what I'm talking about. And she's so excited about bacon that she is eating her own hand.

My kids both said "dada" -- there's nothing exciting about that. Except for the fact that they said it with their cute little voices and ... yes ... it was totally exciting even still, but it's no big story. It's no "bacon" story. My first word though when I was a baby wasn't just one word; it was two words. "More milk." I'm still proud of that accomplishment to this day. My husband doesn't even know what his first word was. But I bet if it was "bacon" he'd remember!

How adorable is this baby's first word? (Try to be nice, if you are vegan.) What was your baby's first word?

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Craft... CraftyJenna

That is too cute! My daughter's first word was "mama" followed shortly by "dada". Pretty standard over here. :)

Mrs.K... Mrs.Kubalabuku

My son's first word was "noodle."  I guess I never really realized until that moment how much pasta I serve!

MamaD... MamaDee83

Is it horrible that I'm not sure what my son's first word was? I'm pretty sure it was mama or deda (for dad, idk why), but I'd have to check the baby book!

Stacey. Stacey.

My boo's first word was "bye" with a hand wave

nonmember avatar B

That is very cute but I don't think she's actually saying "bacon." She is making sounds with her hand on her mouth and it just happens to sound like bacon.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

My middle kids first word was hot dog. He'd never had one until we went to a friends house and she was serving them. He ate 5 and said his first words.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

My older son's first words (after mamma and daddy) were (I forget the order) Bless You, Please, and Thank You. I have a polite kid.

Lovem... Lovemykidstw

My son's first word was 'boobie', what can I say. He's a boobie baby :)

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

That baby is just making random sounds. Also is she secure in that bumbo seat? The videos that go viral these days...

AnnaLK AnnaLK

My son's first word was hadeda, a bird he finds fascinating, and the second was tractor. He spoke quite early, but it took a little while to get to mama and dada!

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