The Wrong Way to Adopt a Baby

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fake adoptionAdoption is a beautiful thing. A family that has love to give is taking care of a baby that maybe needs some extra help. A woman who isn't able to care for her new baby can give the gift of parenthood to others. It's a system, while flawed in some ways, that's still a win-win at the end of the day. Until it totally isn't.

Like, say, if you're a new mom, and your boyfriend that you met online and his wife trick you into giving your baby to them because you signed adoption papers when you thought they were something else. Yep, then, adoption is not so hot.

Let's unpack all of this crazy, shall we?

Kristy Gaffney was doing a little online dating when she met Emmitt Dippold and fell in love. However, she thought she was falling in love with Ed DuPont (of the unbelievably wealthy DuPonts), who was also a CIA agent, and divorced. They discussed marriage, buying a home, children, and all of those things you discuss with a man you believe to be "the one."

Sadly, Dippold was just one big con man (allegedly, hmmph), and when Gaffney gave birth to their baby, he brought in some adoption papers for Gaffney to sign, telling her they were custody agreements. Now the Dippolds have that baby girl, and Gaffney was (allegedly) just scammed out of a baby. Emmitt Dippold picked up the baby for a visit and never returned her to her mother, because after all, he and his wife had just adopted her. Yikes!

What I'm confused about is this: Even though the court just ruled in Gaffney's favor, the Dippolds still have the now 14-month-old baby. Also, how does Mrs. Dippold square this? Was she okay with her husband carrying on an affair if the end result is this baby? Is she a victim also, or a co-conspirator?

All of this is nutballs, you guys. And all the more reason to always read documents before you sign them. And maybe do a background check on that amazing guy you met online.


Do you think the Dippolds should keep this baby?


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femal... femaleMIKE

The baby should go to the mother.  What a jerk.

spider3 spider3

Honestly the wife probably new if she signed the papers for adoption and may have even helped plan the thing I just don't get how she could basically help steal another woman's baby even if her husband was the father. So no I don't believe they should get the baby. Hec the father should only be allowed supervised visits he already STOL it once what's to stop him from trying it again.

Amy Mathis

I think the woman who gave birth had to have been missing some major brain cells.  I mean, seriously.  Even if she thought they were custody papers, she should have read the freaking things. 

femal... femaleMIKE

The wife/husband  should have charges filed against him.  This was fraud. 

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

There has to be more to this story... seriously... why would you sign custody papers without reading them? I'm not sure someone that stupid should be raising a child...

ashjo85 ashjo85

Note to self: don't sign documents you've never read!!!

And there are shockingly few laws regarding adoption sometimes. A man here in my state had a baby with a woman whose family was Mormon. They weren't married, and her family talked her into giving the baby up to a family member for adoption. The guy wouldn't agree to it, so she took went to Utah to "visit her sick father" while she was pregnant, gave birth up in Utah and signed the baby away and it was all perfectly legal! It's taken the man almost two years to get the higher courts to reinstate his custody, and he never signed anything! The lower court actually UPHELD the adoption!

Playi... Playitagain

Sorry its not that easy trick somebody and the law dictates in adoption cases a social worker but see the mother at the hospital. Sounds like she is having second thoughts and needs to get over herself. I have 3 adopted kids, and 3 biological and have worked as a lawyer for adoption for years custody papers and adoption papers are very different. Plus if they were signed at the hospital theres all kinds of other things with that. I don't buy her story at all it reeks of lies. The father will keep the baby till all legal challanges take place. You can call it fraud but thing is they always say to read everything. You can't expect to get out of a cellular contract with the I didn't read it thing this bimbo shouldn't either. Her story just doesn't add up, plus there are other legal issues at hand that go with an adoption.

nonmember avatar JustMe

@Playitagain: Did it occur to you that maybe the court ruled in her favor BECAUSE things were not done correctly? And NOWHERE that I have read about this story (only a few sites but they all have the same info) does it say that the Mom gave up the Baby right after she gave birth, she brought her home, so I don't see how the hospital info comes into play here... she didn't give the baby to him while she was in the hospital, he pick the baby up for a "scheduled visit" from the Mom's home... I'm pretty sure that there ARE reasons that the court is siding with the Mom, also in some adoption cases the child CAN be returned if the Bio-Mom has second thoughts.. there is a clause of some kind (can't remeber under what circumstances, but I've seen it happen), so even if she DID just SAY he stole the baby she could still have a case. Although I agree, trust but verify, heck I won't sign ANYTHING if I haven't read the entire thing and get advice regarding anything I don't understand.. she may be gullible but maybe that's WHY he picker HER, know what I mean?

Ms.Pu... Ms.PuNkrOckStar

She must be lacking in the brain department. She couldnt even check what she was signing what makes us think she can care for a baby!

vamom08 vamom08

This story is crazy she must cant read I never sign anything without reading it first.

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