The Wrong Way to Adopt a Baby

fake adoptionAdoption is a beautiful thing. A family that has love to give is taking care of a baby that maybe needs some extra help. A woman who isn't able to care for her new baby can give the gift of parenthood to others. It's a system, while flawed in some ways, that's still a win-win at the end of the day. Until it totally isn't.

Like, say, if you're a new mom, and your boyfriend that you met online and his wife trick you into giving your baby to them because you signed adoption papers when you thought they were something else. Yep, then, adoption is not so hot.

Let's unpack all of this crazy, shall we?


Kristy Gaffney was doing a little online dating when she met Emmitt Dippold and fell in love. However, she thought she was falling in love with Ed DuPont (of the unbelievably wealthy DuPonts), who was also a CIA agent, and divorced. They discussed marriage, buying a home, children, and all of those things you discuss with a man you believe to be "the one."

Sadly, Dippold was just one big con man (allegedly, hmmph), and when Gaffney gave birth to their baby, he brought in some adoption papers for Gaffney to sign, telling her they were custody agreements. Now the Dippolds have that baby girl, and Gaffney was (allegedly) just scammed out of a baby. Emmitt Dippold picked up the baby for a visit and never returned her to her mother, because after all, he and his wife had just adopted her. Yikes!

What I'm confused about is this: Even though the court just ruled in Gaffney's favor, the Dippolds still have the now 14-month-old baby. Also, how does Mrs. Dippold square this? Was she okay with her husband carrying on an affair if the end result is this baby? Is she a victim also, or a co-conspirator?

All of this is nutballs, you guys. And all the more reason to always read documents before you sign them. And maybe do a background check on that amazing guy you met online.


Do you think the Dippolds should keep this baby?


Image via rumpleteaser/Flickr

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