One Easy Way to Save Millions of Babies

babies lives savedSometimes we really forget how great it is to give birth in a modern hospital. Or with a modern midwife, in your very western home after you've educated yourself on every single thing that you need to do to take care of your newborn. This is one of those times.

Apparently there is an incredibly simple fix that would save millions of lives every year, if only babies were getting the proper treatment of their brand new umbilical cords. Three million newborns die every year, but that does not need to happen if only a simple, readily available antiseptic was applied to newborn babies umbilical cords.


Infection kills three million, and at least one million could be treated with antiseptic and would never have to suffer. Doesn't it seem like this is incredibly easy? Except it's not, and babies born into unsanitary conditions are in serious danger. Doesn't it just blow the mind that some things we take for granted, are impossible to millions of others?

Personally, I'd love to see an organization pop up where you can check a box at the hospital to donate a small amount of money to save a baby's life somewhere far away, and in not as an advantageous setting as your little one is on the day he is born.

No matter how you feel about hospital birth, or doctors intervening when you think they shouldn't, we should be incredibly grateful that we have such basic procedures in place to keep infection at bay in those early days of life.

So, who's going to do this? You?


Image via aroid/Flickr

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