Breastfeeding in Church Is a Sin That Only Strippers Commit

mary breastfeeding jesus
Mary breastfeeding Jesus
There are a lot of things that shouldn't be done in church. I don't need to list them, do I? We all know what they are, even the heathens. And in one church in Savannah, Georgia, breastfeeding is on the list of lewd things you shouldn't do in front of God. It's unclear who told mom Nirvana Jennette to leave the church service and go to the bathroom to breastfeed her baby, but it was a member of the staff there. Or really many members.

When she refused, Jennette says, they compared her to a stripper.


She shared with WSAV:

I tried many times to educate and talk to them, and let them know we are not second class citizens. We deserve to be with everybody. It got heated; he compared me to a stripper. I get upset just talking about it. He compared me to a stripper, and said breastfeeding is lewd and should be covered up and put away.

Apparently they also asked her never to return to the church. Which is illegal. You see, the law in Georgia states that a mother may breastfeed her baby in any location where she and the baby are allowed to be. Meaning that church should be a place where she is allowed to nurse her baby. If she was attempting to breastfeed her baby in a strip club, however, then no, she would have to leave because baby isn't old enough to be there. 

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You see the ridiculousness of it all? Let's be clear, this mom isn't a stripper. Not that there is anything wrong with strippers. But time and place, you know? This mom is a breastfeeding mom who deserves acceptance and respect. The act of breastfeeding should never, ever be compared to stripping. That's sacrilegious! What is wrong with people? Apparently these holy ones have never seen the many religious statues of Mary breastfeeding Jesus

Do you think they would compare Mary, the Mother of God, to a stripper?

This blasphemy is enough to make anyone agnostic.

Breastfeeding is a spiritual act. At least it was for me. It creates such a beautiful bond between mother and child. And a woman shouldn't be made to feel like she is doing something wrong when she is breastfeeding her child. That, my friends, is gospel.

Jennette has rallied other local moms throughout the state of Georgia and together they are going to have a nurse-in at five different locations to attempt to break this stigma attached to breastfeeding. The protest will take place Monday, March 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A Facebook page has been set up -- Georgia Statewide Nurse-In -- with more information.

What do you think of this church's decision to ask the mom to breastfeed in the bathroom? What about the stripper comparison -- does that anger you?

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