Rebecca Romijn Lost Her Baby Weight the Classic Celeb Mom Way

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Can you believe that Rebecca Romijn was ever pregnant -- let alone with twins? It's been three years since her daughters Charlie and Dolly arrived, and it's tough to believe that she ever carried two babies considering how smokin' hot and perfect her body is. Gah! It's just so unfair.

Then again, I guess it's really not that big of a surprise that Rebecca got her pre-baby body back. I mean -- she is a model, which gives her a leg up on the rest of us regular gals as far as genes go.

While Rebecca does admit that losing her baby weight was no easy feat, she totally gives some of the classic celeb mom methods for shedding postpartum pounds.

Let's start with the whole "I lost weight by chasing after the kids thing." Um, yeah. Rebecca can joke all she wants to about kids giving us a workout, but even though most of us run after our little ones on a daily basis, I've never actually heard of it actually making anyone slimmer. That is, unless you're Angelina Jolie. It totally worked for her. Of course, she does have six kids, which would probably help anyone go down a dress size or two.

As far as working out goes, Romijn admits that she got really into Bikram yoga, and noticed a change in her body right away. Huh. I did hot yoga for a while and wound up gaining a few pounds because of all the muscle it added to my body. And after taking a 90-minute hot yoga class twice a week for over a year, I still had jiggly bits and cellulite. Much to my dismay, I was no Rebecca Romijn. But other celebs swear by yoga for losing pregnancy weight too. That's how Victoria Beckham shed the whole pound-and-a-half or so she gained while preggo with baby Harper.

Rebecca also credits her fab post-baby bod to ditching "starch, dairy, fat, red meat, alcohol, and sugar." And what was left on her plate after giving up all things delicious? Yep -- you guessed it. Fish and veggies. (Boring.) I wonder if she sent any of her super-lean recipes to new mom Miranda Kerr?

Bottom line -- the magic formulas for losing baby weight that seem to work beautifully for so many celebrity moms just aren't realistic or practical solutions for those of us who can't afford personal trainers, chefs, and other countless luxuries. And while we can look to A-list moms as a source of inspiration to get off the couch and get moving, we shouldn't pressure ourselves to commit to the same extreme diet and exercise plans that they use. After all, the best that most of us can do is to try to squeeze in workouts while the baby naps and to resist eating leftover scraps off the highchair.

What are you doing to try and get rid of your baby weight?


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Lynette Lynette

I lose it w/ breastfeeding.  With all 3 of my children I end up thinner than when I got pregnant.  I also am dairy free.  Got down to a size 2 after my last one.  Gained a bit back each time when they weaned.

Ania Schietzelt

I ate a healthy diet during my pregnancy, worked full time, wento to school as a graduate student and worked out. I've gained 40 lbs and then I lost everything in 2 months after delivery, by breastfeeding on demand and eating helathy. That is all. I don't understand why regular people not celebrities complain all the time about loosing baby weight. Just do what nature intended (BF on demand, which means all the time around the clock and eat healthy and in moderation and you will be just fine)

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

I lost it all breastfeeding too. Gained it back and then some when he weaned :(

Melis... Melissa042807

I got back to my pre-baby weight while breastfeeding - I also did my best to eat well (limited sugar, no junk food, lots of lean meats and veggies and whole grains) and exercised. The regular stuff. When we were a few months out from weaning I made a big nutritional change to try to control my worse-than-when-I-was-fifteen acne, and BAM, 20 more pounds came off. I gave up several foods, and adjusted the way I ate to control my blood sugar and get enough good fats in my diet. It was really hard at first, I won't lie, but I stuck it out and now it's just life for me. So the weight stayed off. I'm pregnant again and haven't changed the way I eat - I just make sure I get enough calories is all - and my weight gain has been perfectly fine. We'll see how it comes off this time!

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Ok, for a mom who couldn't breastfeed and had to formula feed, here's what I did. (Believe me, I'm jealous of the bfing moms!) I had 2 c sections and formula fed so I have absolutely no advantages, I also gained 40 lbs with my first and 50 with my 2nd and yes, I ate healthy and worked out during both pregnancies. I start running at about 6 weeks post partum and work in walks with neighbors too, I also do yoga at least once a week, I wish more. I lost it all plus 2 lbs the first time and now with my 2nd being 9 months old I still have 10lbs to go. I work out whenever I can and try to be as healthy as I can. Do wish I could workout more though!

JessL... JessLogansMommy

Wow, i couldn't lose any weight breastfeeding.  It wasn't until about 3 months after i stopped both times that i lost most of the weight.  So it was 19 months with my first and 12 months with my second.  I've lost all the weight but the body will never be the same. 

criss... crissydancer05

i lost mine bfing but body just isnt the same, which makes me sad and proud at the same time. I used to be in great shape, i danced for 12 yrs. But i was able to carry and give birth to 2 kids. Great feeling.

nonmember avatar Karla

I lost most of my weight by breastfeeding too. I try to eat healthy in small proportions and only when I am hungry. I do enjoy junk food every now and then. At 13 months PP I look good. I'm 10 pounds away from my goal. (110lbs) I try to walk a lot and I have recently started to dance zumba. The first week I lost 4 pounds! Its not hard to dance around. I honestly believe that woman are fat because they either want to be fat or are too lazy too exercise. And if you don't have time to exercise than do all your house work running. Get your heart active. Run up and down the stairs while doing laundry. I don't know but just be active! Sitting around moping about your weight and eating when you are not hungry is not gonna help at all!

CBrow... CBrownrockhound

Not that I don't think breastfeeding is great and all, but I am one of those women that does not lose weight breastfeeding (AKA if that's you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!). My son will be 6 months this week, and I have GAINED 22 lbs in the past 4 months. I had gestational diabetes, and the week after I had my son, I was 8 lbs away from pre pregnancy. I was very strict about my diet while pregnant, only gained 4 lbs 3rd trimester, but still had a 9 1/2 lb baby. That must have tanked my metabolism. I rapidly gained weight after the first month. I wanted to diet, but every time I tried my supply went down. So now I am exercising. 35minutes to an hour of cardio, followed by 40 minutes of weight machines daily. 3 weeks in and I have lost about 3 lbs. It's tough. Anyhow, everyone is different, I don't think I am typical, just needed to vent on that.

nonmember avatar Linda

Yeah I couldnt lose weight bf either and I counted calories bc it was really irritating. Wasn't until I weaned that I lost 20 in the next 1.5 months. Felt like I could have saved myself aggravation by weaning sooner.

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