20 Lovable Valentine's Day Baby Names

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valentines day babyI'm not the biggest fan of birthdays falling on the same day as holidays. I understand it's not something that's easily controlled, but I don't know, I always thought it would kinda be a rip-off to be born on Christmas or Halloween. You get gypped -- it isn't just your special day, it's everybody's special day.

For some reason, though, I don't feel that way about Valentine's Day. I honestly can't give you a hard reason as to why this day is the exception -- I suspect it has something to do with the fact that it's kind of a non-holiday to begin with -- but, I don't know, I think it would kind of be a great day to have a birthday. Or better yet, to give birth. So, in honor of the only good "holiday" to be born on -- here are 20 totally sweet Valentine's Day baby names.

Valentine's Day-Inspired Girls' Names:











Valentine's Day-Inspired Boy Names:





Thaddeus (Aramaic for "Heart")


David (Hebrew for "Dearly Loved")


Adonis (Greek for "Adonis")

Eros (Greek for "Love")

Cute, no? I think my favorites on the list are Scarlet and Thaddeus. (Yes, I'm serious.) Valentina and Valentino are a little too festive for my taste, but other than that, I kind of like them all. And I really like a Valentine's Day-born baby.

Which names do you like best?


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femal... femaleMIKE

i have a friend with a daughter named Valentina.  She was born in June though.  Very pretty name

Mrs.C... Mrs.Crain

I know two--- yes 2---  people named Valentine-- one is a guy and the other is a girl. Guy goes by Val and the girl goes by Valen.  Both of them are born  on Feb. 14th.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

1) Adonis is Greek for Adonis? Really?

2) I'll agree with you on Thaddeus, but for some reason I like Ruby more.

nonmember avatar Alyson

Most of the female names just sound like stripper stage names XD

luvsh... luvsherboyz

I think Adonis is Greek for "lord".........  My grandson is named Romeo!

nonmember avatar metsmommie

Charity, means agape which is unconditional love...plus its my name!

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

see... they wanted me to have my son on Valentines day. (I had pre-eclampsa and they took him early) I talked them into waiting until the 15th (presidents day it turned out lol) > I didn't want to saddle the poor little guy with a valentines day birthday... seemed wrong for a boy. lol

chell... chellyelizabeth

My birthday is 2 days before Valentine's day and you do get gyped. Try going to dinner for your birthday, it's impossible. Also, a lot of the "Valentines" names for girls sound like stripper names.

2love 2love

No no no and no again.none of these are clever... sounds like names given by a teen mom

katboo01 katboo01

My son's middle name is Thaddeus, and he was born on Valentine's Day.  I didn't know the meaning, my ex-husband just liked the name!

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