Money-Loving Baby Has His Priorities Straight (VIDEO)

money babyThe best things in life are free ... but this 16-month-old boy is totally not interested. So you can just keep your macaroni & cheese and your nice warm bath and your love and all that stuff. There's just one thing he wants in life ...

Money. And please don't insult the kid with the same measly handful of cash he'll get from the tooth fairy someday. He's got plans, big plans, and only a significantly higher sum will do:


One million dollars.

One meeeeeellion dollars.

Can't say I blame the kid. On the contrary, I'm impressed. How many people have their financial priorities in line before they can even walk?

Of course when you take inflation into account, he probably should've asked for at least $1.5 mil. Kid's gonna have to go to college eventually.

Behold, the next Donald Trump:

Do you think this baby has the right idea?


Image via PhotographerSonya/YouTube

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