Beyonce & Blue Ivy May Start Brilliant Baby Name Trademarking Trend

Oh for crying out loud! Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy is only a few weeks old, and already there are greedy people who have thought about trying to make a cheap buck off her famous parents. Two people tried to file a trademark for the name "Blue Ivy," but luckily it got denied in both cases because the trademark office recognized the name as belonging to a famous baby. It's a good thing for Jay-Z and Beyonce that the filings were caught; otherwise, their baby's name might have wound up being associated with cheap perfume. (The horror!)

Of course, Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't stupid and also heard the sounds of future cash registers. They filed their own trademark application, which will likely be approved. And then they can produce all sorts of fancy diaper bags and strollers with little Blue Ivy's name on them.

Why don't more celebrity parents think of this? It's genius!


Plenty of other celeb tots have trademark-worthy names, and their famous moms and dads could have quite a bit of fun with how they could market them.

Let's start with Suri Cruise. Katie and Tom totally should've tried to pitch her name to the travel industry. I don't know about you, but I'd take a "Suri Cruise" over a Kate Gosselin cruise any day. They could pitch the "Suri Cruise" as a themed trip around the world where all the girls are required to wear heels and forgo stockings at all times. Pacifiers would be optional, of course.

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New mom Alicia Silverstone could take her whole vegan thing to a new level by trademarking baby Bear Blu's name. Doesn't he seem like a great candidate to represent a high-end vegan breakfast cereal? "Bear Blu Bites" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Zuma is such a cool name that is totally product friendly. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale could make even more mega-millions off a tot-sized scooter called the "Zuma." How fun would that be? I kind of want one already.

I guess we can't forget about everyone's favorite celeb baby name, Apple. Oh wait a minute ... the whole Apple thing has already been done. Something tells me that Gwyneth Paltrow's kid wouldn't be the right fit to represent the iPad. But the name is just so wholesome and fresh. It would have made for such a cute line of children's sunglasses. Nuts.

OMG. Harper Seven just can't get left off this list. I wonder if Victoria and David have filed an application yet? The possibilities are endless with this name. How about a high-end line of skinny jeans? "Harper Sevens" would SO be the new 7 For All Mankinds. I'd definitely order a pair.

Have you ever considered trademarking your baby's name?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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