Beyonce's Post-Baby Body Brings Out the Judgey Public

BeyonceThe moment we've all been waiting for since baby Blue Ivy was born has arrived: Beyonce made her first post-pregnancy appearance at hubby Jay-Z's Carnegie Hall gig last night. Okay, it's not as good as seeing baby Blue Ivy herself, but it's pretty damn exciting. Why? Because the world loves a post-natal mom -- especially a post-natal celeb mom. How come? So we can judge, judge, judge them!


Before we hunker down and get to the heart of the issue here -- everyone's obsession with moms' post-baby bodies -- let me just say, Beyonce looks good. Is that a judgement on my behalf? Sure, it is. But, hot dog, she's all glowy and voluptuous -- and not negative two pounds already. This mama looks amazing, and most importantly, she looks happy (take note, Posh Spice).

A new mom's happiness is only one of the million little judgements taken into account after she gives birth. How she's handling the pressure, the lack of sleep, the ginormous life change is much more at the forefront of people's brains. And of course, everybody is always obsessed with how the big question: How much weight has she lost?

It's a sad fact, but people do this to new moms all the time: Scrutinize their post-baby bodies. Is she back to normal yet? Is she thinner than she was before? How long did it take for everything to come off? Celebrities obviously have this the worst, since they're in the public eye, but non-famous mothers have to deal with this, too. Think about it: Did you feel people were judging your body after having a baby? Or -- honestly: Have you ever judged a new mom's body after she had a baby?

Most likely this delightful custom is a part of our fine culture that isn't going anywhere -- at least as long as actresses keep popping out kids and returning to their former size 2's within minutes. And it sucks. New moms are under enough pressure already -- we're supposed to be amazing with our new babies, loving wives, ready to go back to work, and in tip-top shape in no time? What the hell? Back off, people. Isn't the most important thing that we're happy?

Did you feel judged after having a baby?


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