Grandmother Does Unforgivable Thing While Babysitting

drunk grandma
This is NOT a baby
If I had a dollar every time I heard a mom of my generation complain about grandmothers these days, I'd be able to maybe go to dinner a lot or something. It usually goes like this: I thought my mother/mother-in-law would be such an involved grandmother, instead she's off on a cruise every week and acts like she's doing us a favor by "babysitting" her own grandchildren. Or my personal favorite: My mother/mother-in-law is too busy recovering from plastic surgery to hang with the kids, and when she does come over she insists on being called "Glam-ma."

Yep, Baby Boomers are not turning out to be the best at nurturing their grandchildren. Or perhaps they're just the first generation of women to buck the traditional "grandma" role. But this 54-year-old grandmother just committed probably the worst grandma offense one could: She got loaded and left her 1-month-old grandson on the side of the road.

Hey, grandma's gotta get her party on too.


Thank god the baby was discovered and is all right. Apparently the little guy was hanging out on the on-ramp to I80 in Sacramento for about 45 minutes in his carrier, which was sitting on top of a bottle of brandy, before his grandma came back to get him. It seems she had to go get something, and the baby was in the way. Also, she was drunk. So I'm guessing that something she had to get was a pack of smokes.

I remember when we left my daughter, who was about a month old, with my in-laws. They didn't get drunk, run errands, or leave her on the side of the road. Who knew how lucky we were? It's just a sad state of affairs when you can't even rely on your own flesh and blood to care for your own flesh and blood.

Does this generation of grandmothers seem like the worst yet?


Image via jekert gwapa/Flickr

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