E*Trade Baby May Ruin Parents' Super Bowl Fun (VIDEO)

E*Trade babyThose of us parents planning to watch the Super Bowl mainly for the commercials (and OK, maybe a little football – I do like to watch some smooth moves from a talented tight end) will find at least one of those ads speaking directly to us. Addressing one of our deepest concerns. Through the lips of a baby.

A talking baby? Yep, you guessed it: the E*Trade baby. The financial company's alarmingly precocious spokesinfant will break up the game with a couple of new commercials, one of them set outside a hospital nursery.


"I look at her, and I just want to give her everything," a new dad says, proudly, gazing through the nursery window at his daughter, among a sea of swaddled newborns.

"Yeah, you know everything can cost upwards of [whistle]," the adorable yet prematurely lunk-headed E*Trade baby responds from his high chair. 

"I did not want to think about that," says the now-concerned dad.

We feel the dad's pain. We share his financial concerns. But did we really have to feel it and share them right in the middle of the Super Bowl? Aren't big sports events supposed to offer us an escape?

Quick, someone distract us from real-world troubles! Where's Janet Jackson with a wardrobe malfunction when you need her?

Watch the E*Trade ad here:

What do you think of the parent-targeted E*Trade Super Bowl ad?


Image via YouTube

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