Proof Positive That Babies Shouldn't Be Allowed on Airplanes

babies on airplanesHave you seen the latest? A Qantas flight on its way from Darwin to Brisbane, Australia had to be grounded because one tiny baby decided it was an appropriate place to poop in his pants. Really, baby? You couldn't hold it for the duration of the pre-screening, boarding, flight, and de-boarding? I'm thinking your self-control should be analyzed by a professional. Maybe that baby whisperer lady in your neck of the woods could help you out.

You guys, people had to be fork-lifted off the flight when it made an emergency landing due to the "strange odor" passengers were complaining about. How would you like to be fork-lifted? Babies, you're the reason everyone hates to fly. Babies ruin everything.


Some of you are surely trying to place the blame on hysterical passengers who have never smelled a poopy diaper before. But don't be tricked into thinking this group of completely clueless, and irrational, adults should be to blame here. It's obviously the baby who cannot control his bodily functions. Or hers, we really don't know the identity of the havoc wreaking baby yet, because clearly his or her parents are being grilled by the authorities. While they're at it, they should ask that baby a few other things.

Such as:

  • Can you just use your words instead of crying when you're hungry?
  • Does it not bother you that you're wearing pajamas in the middle of the day? Have you no dignity?
  • Why didn't you just take Benadryl before getting on this flight, like a normal baby?

I'm sorry, but being a baby doesn't excuse bad behavior. That baby should have to reimburse all of those fork-lifted passengers who were scared out of their wits by the smell of a dirty diaper. I'm sure he/she can get a job somewhere and make amends.

Image via lizzabelle/Flickr

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