Jamie Lynn Spears Could End the 'Mommy Wars'

Jamie Lynn Spears was 16 when she had her daughter Maddie. While moms of teens may not see her as a perfect role model for their kids, she IS a good role model as a mother. In fact, the now 20-year-old's take on motherhood and life is one that most us fellow moms should be following as well, whether we are 16 or 36.

Spears says the only thing she fears is not being a good mom and that as long as her daughter is happy, healthy. and loving her, then that is all that matters. Amen. It's the kind of statement many of the sanctimonious moms who get involved in the "mommy wars" might want to take to heart.

The equation is quite simple: Happy + healthy + loving = good mommy. Whether you work full- or part-time or stay home with your kids, if you can hit those big three, then you are a good mom. Take that you moms who like to make other moms feel bad for their choices.


It may seem odd to take advice from a person who had her baby so young, but it actually makes perfect sense. Motherhood is the great equalizer. Spears says her child has narrowed the age gap between her and big sister Britney. Ten years seems like a small gap when you are both moms, after all.

Her lesson is simple, but powerful. Motherhood is a sisterhood and we should support each other, not cut each other down. Any mom with happy kids is a good mom no matter what she does. Amen.

Why can't older moms get on board with this? I have seen Internet commenters in their 30s who still don't get how cruel it is to say someone is a "bad mom" or shouldn't have had kids simply because she works. Again, let's follow the Spears model. Is her child happy? Healthy? Loving? Yes? Then you're looking at a good mom. Period.

If only we could all get behind this attitude and see how motherhood unites us and makes us stronger. If only we could see that happy and healthy children can come from working moms, stay-at-home moms, and everyone in between, then maybe we would be happier as a society.

This mommy wars stuff is really boring, old, and all goes to show how we ladies really are our own worst enemies. Kudos to Jamie Lynn Spears for making it so simple. We should all think about motherhood that way. It really IS that simple.

Do you think Jamie Lynn Spears is a good mom role model?


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