The Truth About Co-Sleeping With Kids (PHOTOS)

baby sleep positionsBefore I had kids I heard people talk about how their child sleeps with them and I thought, Oh hell no. That will never, ever be me -- not in a gazillion billion years! My kid will sleep in a crib!

Fast forward to me with kids and, well, let's just say: I get it.


My daughter sleeps with my husband and me in our Queen size bed that has proven to be way too small for the three of us. And that's mainly because one of us (the littlest one) is essentially a sleeping windmill. I am quite thankful that my son (I have 2-year-old twins) prefers the crib.

H is for Hell:

cosleeping illustration

I know I'm not alone. Millions of parents are out there losing sleep and getting punched in the eye by tiny fists attached to tiny bodies that go thump in the night. And dads Andy Herald and Charlie Capen have illustrated our co-sleeping plight to perfection with these baby sleep positions.

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Andy and Charlie's blog How to Be a Dad is so real, so funny, and so clever that any parent will be nodding along thinking thank goodness I'm not alone thinking the wacky stuff I think sometimes. And it's these co-sleeping bits that they created that had my husband and me giggling ever so softly as not to wake the sleeping beast in our bed.

The neck scarf is never the accessory you want to wear while trying to sleep. How could this be comfortable, kid?!

Stalkers are creepy. Especially miniature ones who say I luff you when you catch them.

This is a real danger of co-sleeping. The mom in this image has the better idea -- sleep with back to child. Or wear protective body gear to bed. No one is safe!

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Happy sleeping, everyone. Hope you get some zzzs and not ze kick in ze throat by five little piggies.

Which one is your favorite? Which illustration would you add to the mix?


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