The Truth About Co-Sleeping With Kids (PHOTOS)

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cosleeping illustrationBefore I had kids I would hear people talk about how their child sleeps with them and I thought, Oh hell no. That will never, ever be me -- not in a gazillion billion years! My kid will sleep in a crib! Fast forward to me with kids and, well, let's just say I get it now.

My daughter sleeps with my husband and me in our Queen size bed that has proven to be way too small for the three of us. And that's mainly because one of us (the littlest one) is essentially a sleeping windmill. I am quite thankful that my son (I have 2-year-old twins) prefers the crib.

I know I'm not alone. Millions of parents are out there losing sleep and getting punched in the eye by tiny fists attached to tiny bodies that go thump in the night. And dads Andy Herald and Charlie Capen have illustrated our co-sleeping plight to perfection with these baby sleep positions.

Andy and Charlie's blog How to Be a Dad is so real, so funny, and so clever that any parent will be nodding along thinking thank goodness I'm not alone thinking the wacky stuff I think sometimes. And it's these co-sleeping bits that they created that had my husband and me giggling ever so softly as not to wake the sleeping beast in our bed.

As you can see above, H is for Hell.

The neck scarf is never the accessory you want to wear while trying to sleep. How could this be comfortable, kid?!

Stalkers are creepy. Especially miniature ones who say I luff you when you catch them.

This is a real danger of co-sleeping. The mom in this image has the better idea -- sleep with back to child. Or wear protective body gear to bed. No one is safe!

Happy sleeping, everyone. Hope you get some zzzs and not ze kick in ze throat by five little piggies.

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Which one is your favorite? Which illustration would you add to the mix?


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Melis... Melissa042807

"The Cliffhanger" - where Baby wants to be curled up against you so close that you end up on the very edge of the bed and you can't sleep because if you freakin' twitch, you're going to fall. 

At least that's what always happens to me whenever we co-sleep. It hasn't happened very many times, because of the LACK of sleep that happens!

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

The stalker made me laugh so hard.

MomoJL MomoJL

At our house...mommy and daddy squished over to 1/10th of the bed, baby sprawled out on remainder.

CadesMum CadesMum

LMFAO this describes us to a T

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

In my house, Daddy and baby comfortably cuddling and taking up 95% of useable bedspace while Mommy does the "cliffhanger" as described above.

CoolR... CoolRelax

Those are hilarious.  Yes, we've been there.  So glad we got them out of our bed!

Colet... Colette923

These made me LOL. luckily my baby rarely wants to sleep with us.

Butte... Butterflysky_24

The cliffhanger that commenter #1 described is the one that most often happens for me. And don't forget about the back pain that ensues from hanging on to the edge all night

Lynette Lynette

as babies my children all stayed close to the breast while sleeping.  The crazy stuff didn't happen till they where toddlers.  A breastfeed infant will stay close to mom's chest.  Around age 2 I move my children into their own beds.  If they are sick or have a bad dream of course they can sleep with DH & I.  That is what works for us. 

navyw... navywife0204

While I do find this amusing, and my best friend co slept with her kids (had a hell of a time getting them out of her bed as well) the only thing I would add is a bassinet/crib.  Mine slept in their own rooms in their own beds from day one.  Hubby and I love our kids to death, but we also value that mommy-daddy private time as well.

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