Forget About Your Baby When Decorating the Nursery

baby toysI have a confession. I hate the way baby "stuff" looks. I know, not really convenient for a woman who is about to have her first child -- and who lives in a one-bedroom apartment. The fluffy chairs, all the plastic, and the pink (oh, gawd, the pink). It's so not my style. And, as far as I'm concerned, right now, my style is my unborn daughter's style. And it will be until she's at least old enough to, you know, talk.

In anticipation of her arrival (and out of my love for interior design), I've started decorating her room. AKA the nursery. AKA the little nook in our railroad apartment that was formerly (and formally) our dining room. And, so far, I'm happy to report that it is possible to have a child's room that isn't so, well, childish.


To know me is to know that I loathe clutter. I adore clean, white, bright, minimalistic spaces -- and although this look isn't really feasible in a dimly-lit, 800 square-foot brownstone -- such an aesthetic has been the "inspiration" for my daughter's room. In other words, all the furniture we've bought so far is -- you guessed it -- white. And we're not purchasing a single thing -- at least, not yet -- that we don't think is essential. Also, our mindset when buying any furniture has been "Can she use this when she's no longer a baby -- or can we?" Of course, we want the room to have some personality, and we want it to be known that it does, in fact, belong to a baby. So, here's what we've done thus far.

Instead of a changing table, we bought a plain, white, Malm dresser from IKEA. We'll put the changing pad on top, and instead of keeping the drawers plain and white we bought these things called o'verlays. In short, they're amazing. Check out what they do:

They take this ...

ikea dresser

To this!

ikea dresser

Pretty cool? And although the "changing table" doesn't have, like, teddy bears and flowers on it, I think it can totally pass for a something you'd find in a little girl's room.

After the dresser, we bought a rug, a mini-crib, and an unbelievably gorgeous (kind of expensive) string of garland. All seem girly and cute -- not necessarily things we'd buy for ourselves (especially the crib), but none are overly "babyish."

We've also had this mentality with everything else we've bought or registered for: Clean lines, gender-neutral (in case we ever have a boy!), and always as plain as possible (no prints or patterns on the car seat, please!).

To some -- like many of my relatives -- this may seem a bit odd. Babies love babyish-looking stuff, right? And some adults do, too. But to me, these kinds of items are the perfect way to try to keep my tiny home "stylish" while I have a kid taking over.

And besides, I did register for one of those Fisher-Price bouncy things.

Do you like "baby-looking" baby stuff? How did you decorate your baby's nursery?

Image via Honza Soukup/Flickr

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