'Things Crunchy Mamas Say' Is Spot-On & Hilarious (VIDEO)

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mom breast pumpingI thought I was over the Sh*t So-And-So Says craze ... UNTIL I saw Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say. It's so true ... and so funny. I say this as someone who is pretty darn crunchy -- at least as "crunch" is defined by all the things said in aforementioned video.

The send-up (homage?) was put together by Mama Natural, a site described as "a community and refuge for natural mamas who strive for clean living, enjoy extra support, and like to have some fun along the way." And I have to say I'm already a fan. Because they obviously mean it when they say "fun." We hippie, crunchy granola, natural living, organic-obsessed types have a bad rap for being as uptight as we are free and easy (note the irony there). Moms on the playground, friends, and family seem to think we take things waaaay too seriously and this video proves them all wrong. We have a sense of humor. We do. We can laugh at ourselves. And we do.

Take a look.

Love. It.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Are you going to the chicken pox party?"

"It's actually EYE-na May Gaskin."

"You use regular deodorant?"

"Love the amber teething neklace."

"I might eat my placenta, I might not."

"Facebook took down another one of my breastfeeding photos."

"We chose not to mutilate his genitals."

"Ooh only 20 bucks."

I'm doing my kegels, hold on a second.

[breast pump, whirrrrrr]

Oh ... they're all fab! The people at Mama Natural did a great job of capturing, uh, natural mamas.

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What do you think of the video? Are you able to laugh at it even though it might be making fun of you?

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nonmember avatar Melissa

Uh, I believe she said, "It's actually EYE-na May Gaskin." Right? ;) But yeah, FUNNY vid! I'm sure I've said most of those things. It's great to be able to laugh at ourselves!

Za245 Za245

The spirulina poop was my favorite. Lmao!

Bluel... Blueliner

Right on :)

SamMi... SamMichelle88

I've said most of these... lol

rockm... rockmama420

lol loved this I think I have said a hand full of these myself lol : ) If you maid a video of the more main stream things I think it would prob be even more silly lol It would be like " I choose to have circumcision preformed on my son .They just hack that unsightly bit rite off".....images of women shaking bottles through out the day an so on lol. Lets face it as mommas no matter what our passion is we all look and sound a lil silly when its all clumped together but someone has to do the job  and clearly we all do it differently .

monal... monalisasus

I saw myself 100% and still laughed. Crunchy isnt uptight..i like that.

Melis... Melissa042807

I was cracking up. Especially the poop part! LOL! Oh the cloth diapers I have sprayed into the toilet! 

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