Can You Already See Who Your Baby is Going To Be?

twins in cribNow that my babies are 6 months old, I'm starting to see their little personalities coming through more and more. Before, I would take every angry cry or easy giggle as some hint of their future selves, but only now is it really starting to feel legit.

That being said, how much can you really tell about your child at this early age? I mean, one day, I've decided that "Herman" is lazy and loud like Mommy because he's not so into rolling, but loves just babbling away. Then, the next day, he's rolling left and right and flipping over and my whole "lazy" theory flies out the window. Point being, young babies change and grow and learn so quickly, can you really assign personality traits already?

Yes, I think so. 


Of course, some things are more obvious than others. For the most part, my little guys are super easy-going, content to just play with toys on the floor, look around at the trees when we're walking around the neighborhood, and quick to give a friendly grin at a new person peeking into their stroller. Yes, I know that once they're mobile or stranger anxiety kicks in, that all could change. But, I'm feeling like their easy disposition may be here to stay. Or, I'm kidding myself. I guess time will tell.

Some things are a reach, though, I think. For example, they are really into studying things, holding their toys in front of their faces with both hands and turning them over and over, examining them from every side. Do I think this means that they will be scientists or academics? No. Do I think it means that they're curious? Well, yes, but aren't all babies at this age?

They do happen to be pretty dexterous with their hands, and have been since birth when Herman grabbed the scissors from the nurse cutting his umbilical cord. (Oh, yes, that happened!) My husband thinks that, coupled with the fact that they like music, might mean they'll be musicians. I know, it's sweet, right? Thing is, I think every single parent I know has told me that their baby is very musical. And, unless they are tone deaf, a lot of parents seem to think that their child could potentially be the next Mozart. Of course, I'm going to encourage my children's interest in music because I think it's good for them, but not because I think I need to foster an innate talent, evidenced by the way they bang their baby piano.

My mom thinks that my babies probably won't be all that athletic because they were slow to roll. Okay, my husband and I aren't so athletic either, which I think is probably a better determinant than their late-in-the-game rolling. And, one of my little dudes is constantly turning himself around in the crib and scooting when he's on his tummy, which seems like active-boy behavior to me.

I think it's more about what you see in your babies, not the things that they do. You're their Mommy after all, and you know them better than anyone. My Herman always smiles with his whole face, yells with a passion and babbles with verve, determined to be heard. He also does this little fake crying thing where he squooshes up his face and makes a loud, whimpering noise until he has my full attention. When I turn to look at him, his face softens and he smiles, kind of like, "Oh good, you're there, so let's talk." Perhaps, a little dramatic?

Meanwhile, his brother, "Berman," is very happy-go-lucky, always smiling and giggling, limbs moving, kicking around, like, "life is good, life is good." Of course, he will consistently thwack his brother in the face with his toys, and when Herman starts to cry, will just look at me and smile, a sly smile. Okay, so maybe he doesn't know what he just did, but I can't help but think that this is a boy with a little bit of mischief in him.

All that being said, their personalities just keep changing, and while one might have been chattier a month ago, now the other one is louder than his brother ever was. Or, the one who was always quick with a smile now sometimes gets pensive, like he's got a few things on his mind. Of course, I'm their Mommy, so maybe I'm looking for things that aren't there. They are just babies after all. Still, I really do feel like I'm getting glimpses into who they're going to be.

What do you think? Did you see personality traits emerging in your baby? Around what age?

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