10 TERRIBLE Pieces of Parenting Advice You Should Totally Ignore

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Advice. It's the one thing you never need to ask for, but always have too much of.

People are more than happy to share exactly how they managed to raise the most perfect children in the world, telling you everything from how to get them to sleep to the best way to wean them off the pacifier to getting them to study at night. Everyone and their mother are an expert on child-rearing, it seems.

I asked by friends for the worst piece of parenting advice they ever received and got some whoopers -- sound familiar?

1. "Sleep when she sleeps. What a crock of shit! If I'd done that, I'd have starved, stunk, needed the diaper myself."

2. "That my autistic son would 'grow out of it.' Uh huh."

3. "To give my baby mashed potatoes to help him sleep through the night ... He was 3 weeks old!"

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4. "My pediatrician's advice for flying internationally with a 2-year-old and 4-year-old -- sleep deprivation for a few days before the flight so they'll sleep. Because overtired little kids are SO MUCH EASIER than normal ones."

5. "It's okay to ask for help from your mother-in-law."

6. "You don't feel pain, it's pressure! Hahahaha ... obviously they have never had a baby above 7 pounds!"

7. "To beat, not only spank, but beat my 3-year-old son when he refused to use the toilet. Because nothing says I want you to be comfortable using the commode like getting your butt smacked for refusing."

8. "That I should let my husband relax when he gets home from work because I've been home all day with a baby and a 2-year-old and therefore have no right to some help in the evenings."

9. "The second one is easier than the first. And once you have two, it doesn't matter how many more you have, it's all the same. BULLSHIT."

10. "You can't get pregnant if you're breastfeeding. My three kids prove THAT one wrong!"

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What's the worst advice you've ever received?

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nonmember avatar me

I had never seen any of the stir writters write so many curse words! ADVICE: Writte sumthing interesting nextime. Not something we have read about 100s of times.

Zyva Zyva

"I started my kid on solids the week they were born, you should too, it will help them sleep longer". 

"I have a wooden spoon on my wall, and it's not for cooking if you know what I mean". (In regards to discipline). 

These are the two that have stuck with me the longest, most of the time it goes in one ear and out the other. 

Jakea... JakeandChloe

I enjoyed the cursing :-) my two favorites are, u have to let them cry, don't pick them up bcs it spoils them...really at 2 weeks old, or 2 years...assholes! And they need meat w every meal, I'm vegetarian, that was my 300lb mother in law

angev... angevil53

someone should learn proper use of quotations

celes... celestegood

I actually agree with some of these.  Sleep when the baby sleeps.....good advice.  You can shower when the baby is awake.  It won't be a long hot shower, but if you put baby in his carseat or bouncy, it'll work out fine and you'll get a nap too.  Assuming you don't have other kids :)

I have four, and I can honestly say, after having two, it really doesn't change much when you have more!  lol seriously.  There's a short period when everyone adjusts, but in all honesty...chaos is chaos!

celes... celestegood

And, of course......you should ask your mother in law for help if she is there, and willing to help.  I wish I had a mother in law!

nonmember avatar Denise

Put a cotton ball soaked with scotch on my son's gums when he was cutting teeth. :/

Start pumping before the baby is born to help milk flow. :/

avi_n... avi_nevaeh_mama

Sorry but I don't agree with you on #1 (you have a SO don't you? Shower when he's home. Or put the kid in a bouncer seat in the bathroom. I also did this when I needed to pee or eat). And #9. My second was WAY easier then my first. And my third even easier then the first two. Because I already knew what I was doing. I wasn't learning as I went. And all 3 of my kids were back to back. It wasn't that hard adding on a 2nd and then a 3rd. I want one more too. An it will be a piece of cake. Not all women are cut out to deal with the added stress of extra children apparently.

Mmyof... MmyofLiviCaleb

Writte? Writters? Sumthing? Nextime? ADVICE: check your spelling and grammar before posting insulting comments... :)

toria... toriandgrace

I definitely agree with sleep when baby sleeps. You can pee and eat when baby is awake, shower too, but you really can't nap. I also hate the assumption that all mothers-in-law are terrible people. Even if you don't completely see eye to eye, she did raise your husband, so odds are she has something valuable to offer. My mother-in-law is amazing.

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