Dad Films Wife Giving Birth in Car -- While He's Driving (VIDEO)

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mom gives birth in car dad filmsIs this new mom the luckiest lady in the world, or quite the opposite? When you hear about a mom giving birth in a non-traditional location like the subway, McDonald's, the airplane -- it's a frightening, unexpected situation. But when Jennifer Russell gave birth to her baby girl in her car, it was the easiest birth I've ever heard of in my entire life. So easy, in fact, her husband was filming it while driving down the highway. And the loudest noises you hear come from the baby, and dad saying, "Oh my goodness."

No high-pitched screams from a mom in pain, just a video showing a baby popping up to say "hi!" Then mom unwinds the umbilical cord and gets on her phone to fill in her own mother about what has just happened. Which is surely empowering for other women, as the elementary school teacher pushed once after her water broke, and baby Willow was born 15 minutes into their 45-minute drive to the birthing center. I wonder how they filled up the rest of the drive time?

My favorite quote from mom was, "It was different." If you grew up in or around Texas, you know that "different" can have a million meanings. Like, "Well, she's different." Or in this case, "I JUST GAVE BIRTH TO MY BABY IN A FORD!!!!"

The new dad, Zachary Russell, has clearly mastered multitasking as he filmed his daughter's birth while staying in his lane as he drove down a Texas highway. Way to go, dad! You're now ready for midnight feedings and diaper changing while figuring out how to solve that personnel issue at work tomorrow.

How amazing is this video? And how lucky is Jennifer with that fast birth?


Image via flatland4life/YouTube

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navygf07 navygf07

wow, I am seriously speechless rite now. 

jenni... jennifer1983

Funny how she is so calm and he sounds a little freaked out about the situation! Interesting video...didn't know you could give birth in such an upright position!

Nerdy... Nerdy_Mama

Wow. I don't think that I could have stayed that calm.

mille... millerbunch

i admit, it made me teary eyed.. that was amazing.  the only reason you do not hear screams, is that it was the end of the birth

i am glad the mom and baby did well.. but the dad could have pulled over, if he could have, and proceeded to video tape it and possibly help...

MegTh... MegTheGem They just won "Badass of the Year" right there!

Momof... MomofNikki2010

Way to go Dad? For real? Shame on you Dad. You put everyone in your vehicle lives in danger as well as people driving on the same highway. Pull over you and help you dope!

klh1185 klh1185

I completely agree!!! MomofNikki2010

Lilit... Lilith825

Maybe next time she'll just stay home, LOL

Melis... Melissa042807

Dang. That's nuts!

I have a good friend who was born in the front seat of her parents' car, just blocks from the hospital. It's one of those great stories that never gets old. :-) 

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