Stunning Motherhood Site Shares Universal Joy of Moms Around the Globe (PHOTOS)

mother carrying child"Little Burden": A mother in China carries her child on her back. We often get wrapped up in the small stuff -- and for good reason. It's the small things that affect us in our day-to-day. But we also have to look beyond that. Beyond our neighborhood, farther than our state, outside our own country. Moms can learn from each other and show compassion for one another through our common bond: motherhood. We can put aside our beliefs (and judgements) to truly try to be in a another mom's shoes.

The International Museum of Women's newly launched exhibit MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe allows us to do that. It's all online and has so many visually stunning examples of the many faces and facets of motherhood. You have to check out the photos and videos that I loved the most.


midwife with pregnant mother
A midwife checks her patient in Otovalo, Ecuador.
The mother from China in the first image is babywearing with a gorgeous carrier (I want one), and above the image of a midwife in Ecuador checking on a mom-to-be in what seems to be the comfort of her home feels so serene. There there is this image below, of the pregnant woman in bathing suits. I like to think of this photo differently though -- there could be five (or more if there are multiples) babies within this photo. We are looking at their "homes."

pregnant bellies in bathing suits"Bathers": Pregnant women show off their bellies. This image, along with more than 100 others, are included in MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe's online Art Gallery.

I love that there is an online exhibit, all there in one place, so women -- everyone really -- from all over the world can visit it as much as they want. I was fascinated by the video of the Afghan mother living in Kabul amongst the bombs. Seen here:

This is a bond that can tie all women -- the joy that is motherhood. One mom from China said how her life would be easier if she wasn't a mother, but then it would be meaningless. I teared up. It's in this video:

It all gives so much perspective. Different women, different lives, different challenges, different beliefs, different ways of birthing, different thoughts on parenting, yet we are all mothers. I think we all should remember that, take that away from this exhibit. Respect the differences. And love our similarities.

What strikes you the most when you see the videos and photos of the MAMA exhibit?


Images via Syed Javaid A. Kazai; Mark Tuschman; Christine Paravicini/IMOW

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