8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Exposing Your Baby to Other People's Germs

baby sickIt's cold, flu, and just plain snot season, and if you have a baby, you really notice all that phlegm. You could hide your baby under an antibacterial rock for the duration, or you could take her out and let her get all of those germs at once.

As someone who went from germ-a-phobe to laissez-faire, I've done a bit of both during my reign of parenting. So I've made up my own rules as I've trudged through these viral times. And if you were being honest, you would say you've done the same. Case in point: You beg off a play date because the mom you just met says her baby threw up the night before. Yet, when your incredibly fun college roommate comes to town with a raging case of strep throat -- you're all over an extended visit.

We all have our own threshold when it comes to exposing our kids to the elements. If you need some help sorting yours out, perhaps you should use my set of very important questions to ask yourself before exposing your baby to unwanted germs.


Yes or No

  • Does your baby have a fever?
  • Have I ever told you that your baby is very "spirited"?
  • Can your baby wipe his own nose, thus removing any chance of me getting snot on my dry clean only blouse?
  • Have you ever voted Republican?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, keep your baby away from mine!

Yes or No, again

  • Has your baby already been sick for two or more days?
  • Is your baby exceptionally cute and happy and I've commented on this more than once?
  • Do we enjoy speciality cocktails together on a regular basis -- even during play dates?
  • Is my kid already more sick than yours?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then come on over!

What's your criteria for germ sharing among the crawling set?

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