Jennifer Garner's New Baby Might Have One Weird Name

jennifer garnerJennifer Garner, my favorite dimpled actress and mom, went on the Tonight Show and talked to Jay Leno about baby names. She didn't reveal what she and husband Ben Affleck have in mind when it comes to naming their third child, but she did dish on what daughters Violet and Seraphina want to call their yet-to-be-born brother or sister. And some of what these two little cuties have come up with is pretty terrific.

And by "terrific" I mean totally unrealistic and hilarious. But you never know, this is Hollywood, so it's possible that Ben and Jen might take their suggestions. Matter of fact, I kind of hope they do. Here's what Violet and Seraphina want to call their next sibling:


According to Jen,

Our girls are working on names. At first, they were definitely Disney. It was like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck. They’re coming up with lists, and coming in and saying, "Let’s have a baby-naming contest!"

Please, dear god, let them name their baby Donald Duck Affleck. I have a feeling Ben and Jen won't go for it, but stranger things have happened (I'm looking at you, Blue Ivy Carter). Even though Violet and Seraphina are thinking a little too out of the box here, I have to admire their participation, and Jen's encouragement. It's very sweet.

I bet a lot of moms pregnant with their second or third, fourth, fifth, eighth child, etc., enlist the help of their broods to name the next baby. My mom did, and if my sisters had it their way, I would've been called Jack the Piano Boy. Now that would've been somethin'.

Jen's due in the spring so we're only a few months away from finding out which name won the contest. I'm sure Violet and Seraphina will come up with some more gems between now and then, but I really think they nailed it with Donald Duck Affleck. Doesn't get much better than that.

Watch Jen talk to Jay about the name contest:

Did you involve your child or children in the naming of their new sister or brother?


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