Baby's Reaction to Dad's Silly Noise Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

baby Babies are fascinating to watch, especially when they're exposed to new things. Parents spend most of that first year introducing their wee ones to new sights and sensations and marveling at their reactions to them. First bites of food, the first time they hear music, and the first time they feel something cold like ice are always memorable moments. Some, however, are more memorable than others ...  like the one in the following video.

In it, the dad found out quickly that the motorboat sound makes his little newborn daughter Charlotte stop crying . Upon hearing it, she stops the fussing ... then looks like her brain is absolutely blown by the craziest thing she's ever heard.


How adorable is that? Those eyes! And you can't blame her for thinking it's bizarre. It's a pretty weird noise for sure.

Since posting the video, the dad has gotten plenty of feedback from the Internet. Everything from people telling him his baby is ugly (she's adorable, and they're idiots.) to those who say he's harming her with this noise in some way. He has a good sense of humor about it, however, and wrote a funny response over at his blog Fatherhood Is.

Good for him -- both for taking the high road when it comes to rude anonymous internet commenters and for sharing his daughter's darling reaction with the world. We can all use a few more smiles.

Do you think this video is adorable? What things did your babies have funny reactions to?

Image via Fatherhoodis/YouTube

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