Flying-With-Baby Tips From the Experts

airplaneNext week is one of the biggest travel times in the entire year. If you're flying with your baby for the first time and are wondering how it all works or what to bring on the plane, here's help.


madlyinlove412 is flying across the country with her 7-month-old son for the first time and she was wondering what to pack and what to do about a stroller and carseat on the plane. The been-there-done-that moms gave her some great advice in Answers. Here are the highlights.

The Carseat

If the baby is sitting in your lap on the plane, check it like regular luggage or gatecheck it if you are afraid it will get lost. (From BlueFrogMama)

If the baby has his own seat, you need the carseat on the plane. (From workenmom)

The Stroller

You can take it all the way to the plane and they will store it up front for you. (From AnnHenderson)

Most airlines will tell you, you can only bring an umbrella stroller, but don't listen. "I always bring my big honkin' stroller and nobody has ever said a thing to me about it. And I've seen tons of other moms do the same on just about ever airline in the US. So just ignore that policy." (From BlueFrogMama)

The Diaperbag

Carry on a large diaper bag with way more diapers, wipes, food, and extra clothes for baby than you think you'll need—just in case you get delayed, cancelled, or your luggage is lost. (From BlueFrogMama)

Make sure you have plenty of toys or any thing that will keep him distracted. (From workenmom)

The Air Pressure

Give the baby a bottle (or breastfeed) when you are about to take off or land. The sucking allows their ears to pop when they need to—like when you chew gum. (From vbongard)


Don't worry too much people are friendly and will help you. Also you can board the plane first since you'll have your baby. (From AnnHenderson)

Also, a reminder to everyone that there will be family-friendly fast lanes as of yesterday in all mid-size and large airports. For details, read Traveling with Baby Made Easier.

Do you have any tips to add? Are you flying anywhere this Thanksgiving?

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