Mom Who Crashes Car While Breastfeeding Reminds Us All to Slow Down


fail signWe've all had mommy fail moments. Come on, even you. It's because that despite our best efforts, we aren't perfect. Though our husbands don't have to know that. There are some of these moments that we all come out of unscathed, but some are downright dangerous and make you say, "My gosh what in the heck was I thinking?!" I'm sure this 30-year-old Swedish mom who thought that breastfeeding her 3-week-old baby while driving is realizing her mistake. This mommy fail moment caused her to get into a car accident, rear-ending a truck that was braking in front of her.

Her two older children were in car seats in the back, but her newborn was on her lap nursing as she crashed.

Thankfully no one was very severely hurt even though the air bags were deployed, but as of this reporting, the mother and one of the children are still in the hospital. She ran into a tanker truck, too, which is horrifying because what if that tanker was full of something that could have exploded? So many what ifs here, but also a big fat WHY? Why did she make the choice to nurse her baby while driving?

Like I said, we've all done things that we aren't proud of, and I don't want to point fingers and say how terrible this woman is for making the poor choice she made. That's just it -- she made a bad decision. Maybe the baby was crying and the mother in haste decided it was easiest to soothe the child by breastfeeding her. Yes, she should have pulled over to a safe spot. I'm sure she is wishing she did just that. And yes, an infant in a car accident while not properly secured in a car seat could have resulted in tragedy. A baby's spine is weak and won't fully harden until around 4, and a crash could have been devastating -- and never, ever worth the risk. But we do things, all of us, things that could result in something bad happening. And too often we do them without thinking. Sometimes we are too reactive without really taking into consideration the consequences of our actions. We all need to slow down.

So what if you are late to that meeting. It's worth it to be late so you arrive safely. If your child is crying in the car seat, it's better to let her cry for a moment until you can pull over and make sure she is okay than to risk her being out of her car seat. If the crying gets to you and it may be a moment before you are able to pull over, try singing a soft song. It could calm both you and the baby. Slowly count to 10 if you can before you react to a situation -- sometimes that can help you make a better choice especially if the situation is tense and your child is crying or being hard to manage.

Mommy fail moments are going to happen. But there are some that can be avoided if we take the time to really think before we do. I also really hope this family is okay.

Have you had a mommy fail moment and learned from it?


Image via Identity Photogr@phy/Flickr

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nonmember avatar concernedmom

Please don't chalk this up to a simple "mommy fail moment." And let's not be afraid to go ahead and point fingers at an egregious act that could have easily killed that newborn and others.

nonmember avatar blh

People on this site go completely crazy when a mother chooses not to breastfeed but when a mother does something as STUPID as breastfeed while driving you say it was just one bad choice?? No, I'm sorry that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. That women endangered her childrens lives, if you're that stupid and irresponsible you shouldn't have kids. And you need to get your priorities straight.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

In the beginning I was tempted to take my infant out of the car seat while I was in the back also as a passenger and breastfeed. Of course, I never actually did that and would never. Driving and breastfeeding is a million times worse. This is not just a fail, this is gross negligence, child endangerment.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

If her judgement could be THAT bad in a tough moment, she has some serious issues.

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Yikes! I guess Breastfeeding 101 classes will now have to add a when NOT to breastfeed (even though that seems like a no-brainer) how stupid and scary and yes, I've had more than my fair share but nothing even remotely close to this...

zandh... zandhmom2

I guess it's better for people to view Moms as dumb than to view them as irresponsible?

Melis... Melissa042807

"Mommy fail"? Nah, I'm going to go with plain stupidity in this case. We've all had little "fails" here and there, but this? This is so far beyond just a "fail" it's not even humorous. 

I've driven with a screaming infant strapped into his carseat, unable to do anything to soothe him until we can stop and get out of the car. Does it suck? Yes. But putting my baby's life in danger by taking him out of the carseat while driving would suck even more. 

BriLee BriLee

We talked about this on a breastfeeding site when this came out the other week. All of us said this was just plain stupid. It was both dumb and irresponsible on many levels. A child outside a car seat could be ejected from the car and then adding driving and mom isn't paying attention to either fully. The air bags probably kept the baby from being ejected but could have killed the baby as well. Then let's add another complication, breastfeeding, and we've got more of an accident waiting to happen. I don't care how long you've been breastfeeding, feeding a newborn is work. It's hard to get into position and keep baby there. There are experienced moms that can't walk and breastfeed, let alone drive and breastfeed. She is VERY lucky that her three children and her only had minor injuries. She's damn lucky! She needs to be convicted of every law she broke, including child endangerment. I don't know Swedish laws but I hope she loses her license for proving she can't drive a vehicle safely.

sarae... saraewrig

Mommy fail? Huh? It a terribly poor judgement.

writi... writingafwife

oo when my first son was a newborn i was riding in the car with a family friend and he got hungry she looked at me like I was stupid for not taking him out and feeding him while she was driving...She was going 80 down the freeway and almost got in 3 accidents no way in hell was I going to take him out and besides its freaking illegal she should be arrested. oh and I never rode in a car with my friend again after that it was that bad a ride

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