Adorable Twin Babies Make Fun of Dad's Sneeze & It's Awesome (VIDEO)

twin babiesThere's nothing like an adorable baby video to put a smile on your face. And this one features not one -- but two -- little cuties.

Feast your eyes upon a pair of unbelievably cute, terribly squishy twins who won't just make you smile at their mere angelic appearance, but who will make you burst out laughing at their impersonation of their father's gigantic sneeze.


Are you laughing? Smiling? Grinning at the very least? I'm going to go ahead and just assume that you are. I mean, how cute are these two?

The sneeze rendition is hilarious in and of itself, but one of the most touching things babies do, in my opinion, is continue to do something when they know it's eliciting a laugh. It's so human! I mean, I do that now at 32. It's crazy to think that a 1-year-old would do the same. Or maybe it's crazier that I still do it ...? Regardless, this is a perfect video for a gloomy, doomy, rainy day Tuesday here in New York City. And wherever you are, too!

How cute/funny/amazing is this video?


Image via ZeropointGaming/YouTube

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