Photos of Beyonce's Swanky Hospital Room Confirm Her Diva Delivery


four seasons bathroom
Not Beyonce's hospital room -- hers was nicer
Sure, you've heard every minute detail about the birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z's heaven-sent baby, Blue Ivy: The bullet-proof door; the $1.3 million renovations; the taking over of Lenox Hill, but ... have you seen pictures of Beyonce's hospital room?

Oh, it's a sight to see, my friend. It's certainly nicer than any hospital room I've ever set foot in; or five-star hotel, for that matter. You'll see the photos for yourself, but I have to tell you, it's got a mini-kitchen, complete with a blue-tiled backsplash; hanging flatscreen TVs; a couple of beds; and it's huge. Really, the whole thing is pretty amazing. But it's also pretty ridiculous. How many days was Beyonce there? Two? Three?

Since I know you're dying to see, here are the photos of Beyonce's hospital room. The crafty folks at TMZ managed to somehow get in there and snap away -- or somebody snapped away for them, whatever, doesn't matter. Bottom line is, this is insane. I have no ill-will toward Beyonce and Jay-Z whatsoever; I only wish them the best, but truthfully, if I had their money, there is no way on earth I'd spend $1.3 million on this. For what? They've basically given Lenox Hill complimentary renovations.

The swank room got me thinking about when I go to the hospital for my birth, though. A beautiful, clean atmosphere is always really important to me -- at all times; I'm super affected by "room lighting," and I've been known to switch hotel rooms in my day. But when it comes to my hospital room after I've given birth, as long it's clean, I think I'll be good. Not only will I only be there a few days (hopefully), but there are plenty of ways I can make the room cozy and fancy(ish) on my own. For under 1.3, believe it or not.

Candles. When I first started thinking about "redecorating" my hospital room, I immediately thought of Diptyque candles. Yeah, they're a little pricey, but they're gorgeous and, hey, you're giving birth -- treat yourself. I then realized that candles probably aren't allowed in hospital rooms due to the whole fire thing. So, bring in some flameless ones or, better yet, a reed diffuser -- they're pretty to look at and smell lovely.

Flowers. I'm sure this one won't be a problem, as you'll be getting them by the boatload, but if there's a certain kind you really like, speak up. People buying gifts love direction. Personally, I'd love some purple hydrangeas or colorful snapdragons during my stay. And hell yes I will take them home.

Music. I've learned that most hospitals now have iPod hook-ups. How modern. Don't just make a playlist of your favorite songs, though, make one with soothing, hotel-esque music. I'm not talking Muzak here, but something soft and soothing; classical perhaps.

Fancy water and fancy magazines. Nine million crushed up CVS-brand water bottles and a couple of crinkly US Weeklies don't look pretty. In fact, they're downright reminiscent of a Spring Break hotel room, and who wants that after they give birth? It might sound silly, but splurge a bit. Buy Evian. In glass bottles! And get the expensive magazines you normally shy away from -- Vanity Fair, Vouge, or better yet, British Vogue! No, it's not going to completely change your entire experience, but aesthetically, it'll make things a little more special. And what's more special than your trip to the hospital give birth?

What other things can you do to your hospital room to make it "fancy"?


Image via garybembridge/Flickr


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tinyp... tinypossum

If  all this stuff about her birth is true, that woman is a spoiled brat. 

Jenny... JennyG0929

Are you freaking kidding me??? I was really hoping that it was gossip. I guess the proof is in the pictures.

nonmember avatar Gertie

Isn't there something a little bit sad about this? So many women who can't afford healthcare at all and then there's this?

jezsikaq jezsikaq

This is awful, my son has Brittle Bone Disease and we spend countless hours in the hospital, guess what I get, a fold out couch that is about the size of a crib mattress, how many other parents spend so much time in a hospital and never complain? they are rediculous and spoiled entitled egomaniacs.

marsh... marshsmom

If I had countless millions I would have had an amazing birthing experience.  If she can afford it what's so wrong with it?

Kritika Kritika

Who gives a shit she has a ton of money...she isn't on welfare or stealing money to pay for it.

Lynette Lynette

a better buy than magazines is a breastfeeding bk.  With my oldest I read and skimmed it during my hospital stay.

Torra... TorranceMom

Maybe I'm just weird but none of that stuff would have done a thing to change my birth experiences. When you're in blinding, mind-altering pain, fancy candles and a marble sink aren't going to do anything to alleviate that.

bills... billsfan1104

I dont care about the hospital room. What I am kinda peeved about are the reports that her security team kept parents away from their children. I can understand the security needed for her baby, but they should of been posted only at her door and thats it. I am hoping that these reports are not true, but when its coming from several people who were there, then I am leaning that its true.

missn... missnickia

It's an exclusive suite. Most hospitals have them.

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