Baby Meets Lemon in Adorable Showdown (VIDEO)

baby lemonIt's a classic moment every parent wishes they'd caught on film: Baby's first lemon. That face! I'll never forget the look my daughter gave me: Have you gone mad, woman? What made you think I would want to eat that?!

And then she wanted to try it again.

Just like the baby in this video, whose lucky parents did manage to record the citrus fruit milestone for posterity. It's a good one, too -- and if the setting looks familiar, that's probably because most babies end up testing out their first lemon wedge in this place ...


A restaurant!

You know how it goes: Everybody's sitting at the table, the baby starts getting fussy in her high chair ... then somebody takes the lemon wedge from a glass of water and says, "Hey, let's see if the baby likes this!"

Knowing full well that the baby won't like it, necessarily, but she will make a spectacularly funny face. And, human nature being what it is, she'll go back for another taste. And another.

Check out this cutie's first lemon face:

Does your baby make a funny face when she tries new foods? Which ones?


Image via likeursoperfect06/YouTube

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