Help Bring Breastfeeding Back to 'Sesame Street'! (VIDEO)

breastfeeding on Sesame StreetIn order for breastfeeding to be seen as "normal" and natural, and not frowned upon in public, we clearly need to be doing more than what we are doing. The nurse-ins are wonderful, and extremely supportive for nursing moms, but to the general public may be seen as a big nuisance. Which is why I think it's a good idea for older kids to see moms breastfeeding. No need to hide this natural act. Older kids don't have to go to a bathroom to eat, why should babies?

I've always loved the clip of Buffy nursing Cody and explaining it to Big Bird on Sesame Street (below). Why did segments featuring babies eating from the breast go away? Not sure. Throughout the show's history, there were numerous nursing moms on the show, but that stopped sometime during the '90s. Thankfully mom Lani Michelle of the blog Boobie Time (love it!) has started a petition to get Elmo and friends to welcome some breastfeeding moms on their show. Great idea, Lani! We need to support this!


How cool would it be for a celebrity mom who is breastfeeding to appear on the show with baby telling Elmo and Abby all about it? (Jennifer Garner ... I'm talking to you! Think about it!) My daughter, who is 25 months old, holds her own doll to her chest and says, "Baby's eating." I hope this stays with her and she will always know that breastfeeding is just something moms do, and nothing to freak out about if you see a mom doing it. If it's on Sesame Street, the reach would be great and could positively impact the way our society views nursing mothers by starting with the kids of today. It's exactly what the cause needs.

To sign the petition that Lani has set up, visit Bring Breastfeeding Back to Sesame Street.

You can also tweet: #BFBack2SesameSt.

Thanks Lani! I hope we can make a difference!

Will you be signing the petition? Do you think breastfeeding should be on Sesame Street -- why or why not?

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