Dad's Loud Snores Mean Future Therapy for This Baby (VIDEO)

baby jackson scared of snoresOne of the funniest and most amazing things about babies is that they are completely and totally incapable of hiding their feelings. Which, by the way, tend to change in rapid-fire succession, often for no apparent reason. When my son was a baby, my then 4-year-old daughter used to amuse herself by narrating his moment-to-moment mood swings: "Happy, sad. Happy! Sad. Oh, happy again! Nope, now he's sad."

The baby in this video, however, is moody for a very good reason. 2-month-old Jackson is just the happiest little dude around until ... what was that noise?! Is somebody trying to break through the front door with a chainsaw?


Poor little Jackson! Don't worry buddy ...

That's just the noise your daddy makes when he sleeps. How does he sleep through that racket? That's a good question, because god knows the rest of us can't. But you don't have to be scared! There's no arthritic grizzly bear trying to climb in your window.

From the look on Jackson's face, I daresay the child remained unconvinced that something very wrong and very loud wasn't happening very nearby:

What sounds freak your baby out? Snoring? The vacuum cleaner?


Image via YouTube

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