Teen Baby Snatcher Should Have Stayed On Twitter & Out of the Maternity Ward

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Saved by the LoJack
Yet another woman has been busted trying to steal a baby. This time, however, it was a teenager in Georgia who pretended to be a health care professional and instead grabbed a baby and hid her in her pocketbook. Oh, and she had recently tweeted about being pregnant, although it seems (for now) she's totally not pregnant. Just very interested in stealing other people's babies.

Thank goodness for the baby LoJak system most hospitals have in place, because that's how this woman was stopped as she tried to leave the hospital with the baby. The alarm went off, and crisis averted.

There are three things about this story that I just cannot wrap my head around. 1) A purse? You put that baby in a purse? Like a Yorkie? 2) You think being single and pregnant at 19 is cool enough to announce it on Twitter? and 3) Well, I just don't get this faking pregnancy and stealing babies thing. I really don't.


Even after reading WHY women resort to stealing babies, and sometimes killing mothers, I still don't get it. But I do see why a teenager would be a likely suspect for baby snatching.

Apparently the typical profile of a baby snatcher is a woman with low self-esteem who feels "trapped" because she told her husband or boyfriend she was pregnant in an effort to keep him. Naturally, nine months later, a baby has got to appear, so the woman oftentimes poses as a health care worker to gain access to babies. According to one expert, it is not a psychotic break, but is in fact incredibly well-planned.

What the? Ladies, if a baby is the only thing keeping your man around, he's going to leave as soon as those midnight, 2 a.m., and 4 a.m. feedings drive him crazy. Also, you being in prison. Unlike some sad stories you may consider, most of these women actually can -- and some do -- procreate. It's about the situation at the time, not an infertility issue. So any sympathy you may have for these broads should go right out the window. Especially a teenager who tweets then shoves a baby in her purse.

How crazy is this story?

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