Widowed Mom Kills a Man to Protect Her 3-Month-Old

mom kills for babyWe all know we would run into a burning building to save our babies. We would fight off a grizzly bear. We would step in front of a flying bullet. And like one new mom in Oklahoma, we would most likely shoot to kill to protect our children. Although we certainly hope we never have to actually do such a thing. Teen mother Sarah McKinley, however, felt she had no choice, and furthermore the 911 operator agreed.

Yeah, this is kind of a crazy story and it gets crazier. Like "12-gauge shotgun in one hand and a baby bottle in the other" kind of crazy.


The intruder, Justin Martin, tried to break into McKinley's home on New Year's Eve. He carried a hunting knife and had an accomplice with him as well. Not just any ordinary intruder, Martin seemed to be stalking McKinley and had shown up on her doorstep the day of her husband's funeral. Yes, this poor, young mother had buried her husband after he died of cancer on Christmas Day. I might be in a shooting mood, myself.

So in case you're not following, McKinley's husband died on Christmas, and she shot and killed a stalker armed with a hunting knife on New Year's Eve. All while caring for her newborn baby boy. I don't think her future holidays will ever be worse than 2011, do you?

Even more amazing, this 18-year-old mother thought to stop and give her baby a bottle to keep him quiet and happy while she barricaded herself and her baby in her bedroom and armed herself with a pistol and a 12-gauge rifle that she later used to kill the man who clearly intended to harm her and possibly her baby as well. She then phoned 911, and as the operator advised her to "do what you have to do" when she asked about shooting the guy, she made sure her baby was safe. Did I mention she's 18?

Honestly, I'm a heck of a lot older and I don't know if I would have had the wherewithal to take care of myself and my baby after everything this young girl had just gone through. Of course, once you go into protective mode with your babies, you're capable of anything. Just as this young lady was on a very dark New Year's Eve.

Would you kill for your child?


Image via Chalky Lives/Flickr

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