3 Big Ways Dr. Spock's Parenting Advice Has Changed

dr spock new edition differentDr. Benjamin Spock's ninth edition of Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care is here, new parents! So don't you fret about raising that baby on the way. Even though the eponymous child rearing expert died over a decade ago, his wife and apparently a very modern team of editors carry on, and we now have an updated book that tells parents everything they need to know about bringing up baby.

Forget your Sears, your Karp, your ladies who whisper at babies, Spock was the first parenting "expert" to tell parents to learn to trust themselves, and to care for their children rather than ignoring their needs. Also (and this is my favorite thing about the good doctor), Spock's philosophy was to guide, not demand. So it's information rather than advocating for a certain parenting style. Spock got that every parent and every child were different and had to make their own choices.

So, then, after all of that, what is so dramatically different about the ninth edition of Dr. Spock?


Autism & ADHD

The original version of Dr. Spock's guide didn't even address these disorders, understandably. But now that we're more aware and more and more children are being diagnosed, entire chapters are dedicated to help parents understand what's happening.

Less Materialism, More Nature

Dr. Spock was never one to advocate for buying kids whatever they wanted, but now the book takes a stand on buying too much for kids. Additionally, it explains the value of getting outside into nature, and how no game, movie, or television show is a substitute for wide open spaces.


This section has gotten an overhaul in light of the childhood obesity epidemic. Spock will guide parents to healthier choices and teach to avoid saturated fats while looking at more grains and vegetables.

This seems like the perfect time for a return to the basics. Providing great information for new parents, instead of freaking them out and/or preaching, seems like the best kind of parenting advice one could receive now and then. The ninth edition of Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care is going to be my new go-to for baby showers. It's time I stopped giving out Baby's First Tattoo, anyway.

What do you think about Dr. Spock's new edition in today's times?


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