Your Baby Doesn’t Need ANY Christmas Gifts

baby playing with bowIt’s not that babies don’t deserve presents -- who doesn’t love and want to shower a baby with gifts? Answer: Evil, terrible people who get coal in their stocking, that’s who. But the reality is, your baby, my baby, that lady’s baby, all babies really don’t need anything at all for the holidays. Except love. Store-bought gifts? Not necessary!

Baby will grow out of or become disinterested in whatever it is you will get her in about five days. And relatives will probably get plenty of things for baby anyway so you don't have to contribute to the vast pile of things that aren't going to fit in your house. Plus, baby isn’t going to get mad at you for scrimping on her this Christmas -- she'll never remember. And besides, she probably wants you to buy yourself that coffee pot so you can be more alert for reading and cooing time. But just in case you feel you need something, here are some free ideas so you can have that Kodak moment.


empty toilet paper roll

A toilet paper roll can supply about an hour's worth of smiles. It's bendy and baby can put things in it. You can speak into it with a funny voice and kids find it hilarious.

empty egg carton
Empty egg cartons
are soft and textured. Plus, baby can learn the art of opening and closing.

wrapped present

Wrapping paper makes a similar crinkly sound as taggies. (Paper works well, too.) You can wrap anything -- even a toy baby already has -- and the unwrapping of it makes it as exciting as a good poop.


Not sure what it is about socks, baby's own as well as yours, but they are a good time for the littlest ones. Sock on. Sock off. Sock on. Sock off. Sock on.


If you love using your phone, wait until you give it to your child. This is of course best for adventurous parents only who won't mind if baby accidentally gets into your work emails and sends your boss a message that looks like this: kjoef opejfoewfjlf rkdfmkkalf.

child in adult hat
Hats. Perfect for playing peek-a-boo! Bonus: Excellent photo op!

Does your baby like playing with any of these things? Are you still shopping for him/her for the holidays?


Images via AndrewEick/Flickr, uair01/Flickr; außerirdische sind gesund/Flickr; nathanmac87/Flickr; knit.spin/Flickr; GoodNCrazy/Flickr; joelk75/Flickr

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