Tori Spelling's Holiday Shopping Secret Is Perfect for Busy Parents (PHOTO)

tori spellingWith 3 kids and a booming career as a reality TV star/author/personality, Tori Spelling is no doubt feeling some serious pressure this holiday season. Presents to buy, plans to make, diapers to change ... you know how crazy it can get!

So I'm not surprised to see that Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are getting a little help in the gift-giving department ...


From Santa, of course! Or, to be precise.

Wonder what's in that box?

Could it be for baby Hattie? Big sister Stella? Maybe little man Liam has been an especially good boy this year ...

Whatever it is, Tori sure looks happy about it. And why not? The less time she spends shopping, the more time she has to coo at that cutie in the stroller.

Could you use some help with your holiday shopping?

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