Darling Baby Loses Play-Fight With Teacup Yorkie (VIDEO)

adorable baby and dogIf you're searching around for the cutest video you'll find today -- or, possibly, the cutest video you'll find in your life -- look no further. Right here we've got an adorable teacup Yorkie and an even more adorable baby playing. Together. And fighting. Well, play fighting. And the itty-bitty Yorkie knocks the itty-bitty baby down. This video will melt your heart, then put it back together only to make it explode. You're seriously going to die. Too ... much ... cuteness ...



If that isn't the most precious thing you've seen in a while, well, then I'm just going to shut down my laptop right now. Forever. Because I don't understand the Internet.

No, seriously, as a huge dog lover, and lady who's pregnant, few things delight me more than seeing babies and puppies playing together in perfect harmony. I can't tell you how many people have "warned" me that my dog isn't going to like my baby, my baby isn't going to like my dog, and how I'm totally going to ignore my little shih tzu once baby comes into the picture. I don't believe these terrible things will happen, but in the back of my mind, sometimes I worry it will.

So, when I see things like this, it gives me hope. And then it totally and completely melts my baby/puppy-lovin' heart.

I mean, come on ... are you dying?


Image via YouTube

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