First Same-Sex Adoption in Florida Is Life Saving

gay adoptionIt's hard to believe that some people believe your sexuality is indicative of what kind of parent you will be. Have you seen these horrible parents who are card-carrying members of the heterosexual crowd? So it's way overdue that Florida allowed same-sex couples to adopt children. (The ruling came in 2010.) And the first gay couple to adopt in Florida, Randy Vosburg and Nick Santamaria, have brought 7-year-old David home and into his new family. And that is one lucky little boy.

Because you won't believe the fate of other children in foster care.


There are 25,000 kids in America every year who age out of foster care without being adopted. 25,000! If every state allowed same-sex adoption, that number would be lower. Giving kids a home before they're kicked out on their own with no family to fall back on, and no resources, will also go a long way in improving our communities. You're simply throwing 18-year-olds out into the streets, where they will do whatever they have to do to survive. That's a big picture reason to allow same-sex adoption. But the best reason by far is David's happiness at belonging to a family. Or as he put it: "I was worried that no one was going to adopt me," he said, "but I've got two dads!"

While being raised in a non-traditional home may have challenges for everyone involved, there are non-traditional families involving step-parents, single parents, grandparents, and more. There is no less a disadvantage in having to explain your family situation when it involves two dads or none. And any teasing is just words. Or "cuckoo words" as David explains.

So far, the two dads have been surprised by the non-hostile reception they've received from other parents at David's new school and their community. As they put it, others see them as people, not a lifestyle. Which is exactly the right move. What a great story and inspiration for everyone to start putting kids first and prejudice dead last.

Do you think homosexual parents are just as qualified as the hetero variety?


Image via Drab Makyo/Flickr

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